Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

Black & Decker 7.2V

– Hey guys, welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I'm Adriene, and today we have a sequence for anxiety.
So this practice is awesome for
when you're feeling stressed out,
or maybe you're feeling a little anxious,
maybe a little panic attacky,
or you just need to move from the darkness,
into the light.
Hop on the mat and let's get started.
Alrighty, let's begin with a nice, comfortable seat.
Sit up nice and tall.
And arrive here now.
You've started the video, you're here,
the hard part is over.
Let's begin with the breath.
As you breathe in, draw the shoulders up to the ears.
As you breathe out, draw the shoulders down
away from the ears.
Good. As you breathe in, squeeze and lift.
As you breathe out, drop, create space.
Couple more times.
Inhale, find what feels good here.
And exhale, create space.
One more time.
Inhale, squeeze to the max.
And exhale, create space.
Awesome, take your right ear over your right shoulder,
breathe, ground down through the elbows.
Lift it back to center, and to the other side.
Left ear over left shoulder.
Draw down through the elbows.
Great, bringing it back to center.
And we're gonna come into a little moodra here as
we prepare for alternate nostril breathing.
So this is my number one, if you don't have time for
the whole video, at least have time for
this Pranayama technique, which I really do think is like
a magic elixir.
For when I'm feeling anxious,
if you ever feel like you are in
kind of a panic attack moment, or anything like that,
or you just need to de-stress, balance out.
This is the one for you, my friends.
So, we're gonna take the kind of hang loose sign here,
it's kind of like this, and we're just gonna bring it to
the ring finger and the thumb.
See, bring the two peace fingers in.
Or, if that's difficult for you, you can also do
your middle finger and your thumb.
So, you have your thumb, and an extra finger here.
And we have a whole video on alternate nostril breathing,
so if you're new to this and you want to
go ahead and learn the technique first,
you can pause it and click on that.
Open it up in another window, and it's really lovely.
Um, but to honor your time,
we're just gonna hop right in so
you can practice this regularly.
So, thumb's gonna come to the right nostril.
Sit up nice and tall and breathe in
through the left nostril.
Keep the shoulders relaxed, as you pause at the top,
we switch, covering the left nostril,
breathing out through the right nostril.
Inhale in through the right nostril.
Always holding, pausing at the top to switch.
Exhale out through the left nostril.
Inhale in.
Alternating at the top, exhale.
And alternating at the top, exhale.
Keep it going.
Nice and easy, smooth breaths.
Again, alternating at the top.
After a little bit of experiment,
you find a rhythm that works good for you.
A hand moodra that works good for you.
And even it out here, really come in.
And gently release both hands down.
Take a deep breath in through both nostrils.
And out through both nostrils.
Slowly open the eyes.
Amazing, and notice how you feel.
From here we're gonna move on to all fours,
but take this sense, whatever the breath did to you,
maybe nothing, but just take one thing and
add it on the rights, we're staying present in the moment,
but we're kind of allowing ourself to change the course of
things, right?
Trying to let go of the stress.
The anxiety in the body.
That breath's so lovely for the nervous system,
so keep it soft and easy as you come to all fours here,
my sweet friends.
Be kind to yourself.
And we'll move into a little Cat-Cow.
Should feel awesome.
We've already connected the brain.
And the breath.
And the alternate nostril breathing, Nadi Shodhana.
It's a purifying breath.
So keep nice, long smooth deep breaths here,
as you now begin to integrate the spine,
which is also connected to the brain.
So when the brain is a mess,
it is so beneficial to do spinal work.
Even something as simple and delicious as Cat-Cow.
Awesome, from here, I'm gonna curl the toes under,
walk the palms slightly forward.
Nice and easy, inhale in, on an exhale,
lift the hips Downward-Facing Dog.
So connect to your strength here,
but keep a softness.
Press into the palms, take care of the wrists,
bend the knees.
Inhale in.
Exhale lowering back down.
Press into the tops of the feet,
walk the wrists back underneath the shoulders.
Then inhale, keep the right palm where it is here,
and we're gonna open the left fingertips out.
So just go as far as you can before you feel…
a pinch in the back body.
Opening, inhale.
Exhale, left palm down, right fingertips reach up,
so it might not be all the way here is what
I'm trying to say, it might just be here, even here,
as you inhale.
Open up through the chest.
Again, to the left, inhale, press away from your yoga mat.
Exhale, press into the tops of the feet.
And exhale.
And one more time.
Long in the neck.
Synchronizing with the breath.
Super awesome.
All right.
Walk the knees together, take a Child's Pose here,
go ahead and keep the fingertips reaching out
long those, stretching to the side body.
Knees are together though,
and we bow the forehead.
Rest your heart.
Slowly we're gonna walk the palms over towards
the right, excuse me, left edge of your mat.
And the right hand's gonna come over to
kiss the left hand.
So maybe they come one on top of each other.
Breathe into the right shoulder, the right side body.
Pull back gently with the right hip crease,
and breathe deeply.
And now through center.
And to the right, right palm to the right edge of your mat.
Left palm comes and hops on top of the right,
and we breathe here, forehead grounding down,
and reaching down.
Stick with your breath my friends,
I know the mind is powerful, but so is your breath.
Come back to center.
Inhale, lifts you up.
Exhale, curl the toes under, Downward-Facing Dog.
Okay, time for a cleanser.
We need to inhale in through the nose.
Exhale out through the mouth.
Inhale in through the nose.
Exhale out through the mouth.
One more, don't be shy.
Beauty of home practice.
Lion's Breath.
Great, drop the left heel,
lift the right leg up high, inhale.
Exhale, step it up into a nice Low Lunge.
Prepping for Warrior 2.
Take your time getting there.
We'll pivot on the back foot.
Keep the front knee bent.
When you're ready, rise up strong.
Find strong footing here today, super important that
you ground through all four corners of the feet.
Press into the ninth edge of that back foot,
and charge the left of your thigh.
Reach the right fingertips, really reach.
Left fingertips back, really reach.
Really deep here.
Send energy out in all directions.
Left to right, down to the Earth,
and lift and lengthen up through the crown.
Big breath in here.
Big breath out, draw your shoulders down.
Pull the pinkies back.
Great, and keep the front knee bent here for now,
as you reach the right fingertips forward.
Up and back, Peaceful Warrior here.
Keep the front knee bent.
Now hug the low ribs in.
Just a hair, sorry, had an itch,
and then we're gonna inhale.
Straighten leg, front leg.
Exhale, bend.
Inhale, reach.
Exhale, bend.
One more, inhale reach.
Exhale, bend.
This time, continue the journey all the way down,
extended side angle.
Right fingertips to the Earth.
Left fingertips towards the sky.
Can also be here on the top of the thigh.
Breathe deep, inhale in.
Long exhale out.
And exhale.
Stick with your breath.
One more time, inhale in.
And exhale, bringing the left fingertips down.
We'll pivot back to our Lunge.
Clamp the palm, step it back to Plank,
you can move through a Vinyasa here,
if you like, or send it straight to Downward-Facing Dog.
Meld your heart back.
Send your hips up high.
Press into the palms, especially the index finger and thumb.
And we'll drop the right heel down and inhale,
lift the left leg up.
Exhale, step it up into your Lunge.
Warrior 2.
So take a second getting there.
All right, it's really about the sensation today.
And about the journey.
And so take your time as you arrive.
Your strong, grounded,beautiful Warrior 2.
So a little work on the feet.
Goes a long way.
Then connect to the energetic body.
Tailbone down.
Front body lifts.
Reach both directions.
Up, ground down.
Big breath in.
So good for the body here, full body experience.
Energy radiating.
Then keep the front knee bent my friends,
best you can.
And send the left fingertips forward, up, and back.
As you can see, my right hand's coming around,
it can stay in the small of the back here,
or reach around to the top of the left hip crease.
Keep the front knee bent as you inhale.
And exhale.
Now here we go, inhale, straightening through the front leg.
Inhale, extend energy out through the left fingertips.
Sink deep.
Stay strong in your back leg.
Inhale, extend,
And exhale, sink deep.
Ooh, nice, you got it.
Inhale one last time.
And exhale, continue this journey,
meld it all the way down into
your extended side angle.
Lean back everyone.
Remember, we can always be here.
Big breaths.
Strong connection to the Earth.
One more breath here, you got it.
Then slowly, right fingertips float down to meet the left.
We come back to our Lunge.
We plant the palms.
Again, you can move through a Vinyasa here,
or you can send it straight to Downward-Facing Dog.
And Down Dog, back to that cleansing breath.
Take a big inhale, in through the nostrils.
And exhale out through the mouth.
Great, drop the left heel, lift the right leg up high.
This time, come to Warrior 1, nice and strong.
Reach the fingertips up high,
press into the outer edge of the back foot.
Then inhale and look up.
Exhale,rain your fingertips down.
Stay strong in your front leg.
Hug energy into the mid-line here for stability.
And step back a little bit here, so,
draw the knuckles down and away,
and as you inhale in, find that lift in
the heart extension through the crown.
As you exhale, lift your left heel up.
Stay soft and bent in the front knee.
And we're gonna play with a little Warrior 3.
So you might just come to here, big toe on the Earth.
Keep your focus out in front, neck nice and long.
Inhale in, and exhale, maybe you begin to
lift through the left inner thigh.
Maybe you come to here right away.
Or maybe again, you're growing this,
and so we keep big toe on the Earth.
Stay connected.
Ah, the mind begins to clear, we begin to focus on
the sensations of the body as you lift through
the left air and thigh.
You can stay here.
You can release with control to Airplane Arms.
Or maybe you take the fingertips all the way forward.
Wherever you are, full body experience, breathe deep.
And then slowly make your way back to Warrior 1.
Inhale and smile.
Let it go.
Back to the Lunge.
Optional Vinyasa here, take it or leave it.
Into Downward-Facing Dog.
Drop the right heel, lift the left leg up high.
Exhale, stepping through.
Find Warrior 1.
Take your time.
Strong legs.
When you're ready, reach the fingertips up high.
Grab em down through the shoulders.
Connect to the sensations in the body
and today, stay present.
Inhale in.
Exhale, rain it down.
This time you'll be opposite them on top,
so the one that feels kind of weird.
And knuckles are all down and
away as we open the heart.
Welcome that heat.
That aliveness that's starting to
maybe glisten on your forehead or your lip.
Stay strong and grounded to the Earth, you got this.
Inhale, look up.
On an exhale, begin to slowly stay bent in
the front leg, lift on to the right big toe.
Again, maybe this is your pose today.
Working on balance, stability, I'm here,
I love myself, I've got this.
And maybe we take it a step further by
softening through the back knee.
And beginning to lift up.
Maybe even further.
Maybe even further.
Lifting up through the right inner thigh,
if you are lifted, finding extension through the crown.
Wherever you are, focus on your breath,
the sensations in your body.
Clear your mind of any stress.
Of any anxiety, any worry.
Focus on connecting to your strength right here.
Right now.
So even if you fall, you come back.
Come back to the practice, come back to the mid line.
Maybe you release the fingertips with control.
So resist the slingshot effect.
And find Airplane Arms.
And maybe reach it forward.
Nice, strong breaths.
Everyone, wherever you are, be there fully.
With your breath.
Then slowly take your practice back to Warrior 1.
Inhale, look up.
Exhale, shake it off.
Take it all the way back down.
Last chance for a Vinyasa, feel free to take it,
or leave it.
Moving through a Heart Opener, if it feels good.
And then we'll all make our way to
Extended Child's Pose.
Bring the big toes together, meld the heart back.
Bring the palms together.
And then up and over the head.
Gently crawl the elbows forward a hair.
Stretch through the side body and the shoulder.
Take a deep breath in.
And exhale, let everything go.
Surrender here, priminal.
Bring it into the back body.
Close your eyes.
Just take a second to bow to the big picture.
To surrender to that which is out of your control.
And to connect to a little sense of peace
and love within.
Slowly we'll drop the fingertips back to the mat.
Plant the palms in nice and easy rise up.
Walk the knees into center.
Carefully cross the ankles.
And use your fingertips to help guide yourself
all the way back to a seat.
And we'll extend the legs out long,
heels in line with the hips.
If you're a little bit tight in the hips and
the lower body, we can maybe lift the hip up on
a blanket or block here if that feels good.
And then we'll inhale, reach towards the sky,
ground down through the tops of the thighs.
And then exhale, reaching forward.
So this will look a little different for everyone,
it might be here for you.
Keeping the neck and the spine nice and long.
It might be here.
It might be here.
So find your Forward Fold.
Again, very helpful to lift the hips up
a little bit here.
Eventually, you find a sense of surrender here again,
rounding through the spine, eventually the neck,
stretching nicely.
Yummy here's, you bow the head.
And bend the knees as generous as you need to here,
no need to kind of hit this perfect little yoga shape today,
or any day for that matter, but uh,
find what feels good.
Find the layer of breath.
And then slowly we'll release.
And come to lie flat on the back.
When you arrive, go ahead and hug the knees into the chest.
And then release the left foot to the ground,
and the right leg up high.
Cross the right ankle over the left.
Interlace the fingertips behind the back of the left thigh,
and then bring your left foot onto an imaginary wall here,
so press up against the wall, flex.
Now we'll begin to squeeze and pull.
Breathing deep here in a little reclined One Legged Pigeon.
Neck is nice and long, so your chin is lifted,
see we can tuck it in a little bit.
Breathing deep here.
Great, then send the left leg up high,
just a little hamstring bonus here, one more breath.
And then nice and easy, with control, right?
So again, resist the slingshot effect.
With control send the left, uh, right leg up to
meet the left.
And I'm gonna reach both fingertips towards
the outer edges and I'm gonna pulse here.
Keep the shoulders relaxed.
Palms facing each other.
Tailbone scooping up towards the sky.
Oh my God, creaky old floor!
Oh my God, we have a creaky floor here.
Yay, everything's in alignment.
See, sometimes when you move,
it just takes a while, right?
Take it to the left, pulse.
Creaky old floor.
Let's bring all the YWA members
who've been with me for a while.
And to the right, here we go.
Miss that creaky old floor.
But we have one here.
Oh my gosh.
And then back to center.
Five, four, three, two, and release.
You never know when you're gonna make new discoveries.
Right foot to the ground, left leg up high.
Crossing the left,
left ankle over the right.
Who'd have thought a creaky floor could
bring so much joy to someone.
Shin parallel to the ceiling.
Flex your right foot.
So chances are you know this shape, right,
but the feet just kind of have to hang dead-like.
So keep a little aliveness here, and then squeeze.
Again, tuck your chin into your chest.
And then creaky old floor aside,
I need you to close your eyes and
I would like to invite you to feel supported.
Your spine supported here, the weight of
your body supported by the Earth.
Keep breathing.
Then extend that right leg up.
Great, slowly unravel.
Left foot joining the right,
this time we interlace fingertips behind the head.
Inhale in.
Exhale, lift the head, the neck, the shoulders.
Press into the heels.
Inhale lower.
Exhale lift.
Inhale lower.
Exhale lift.
Keep the elbows wide.
Keep it going.
Inhale lower.
Exhale lift.
Extend the thumbs, nice little neck hammock here.
And three more.
Scooping the tailbone out.
And last one, you got it.
And release.
Supta Baddha Konasana.
Ah, we lit the fire in our belly after all.
Shimmy the shoulders underneath the heart here.
Maybe give your little belly a pet.
Inhale, lots of love in.
Exhale, close your eyes.
Begin to allow your breath to
return back to a natural rhythm here.
And then when you're ready, we'll peel the arms out wide.
And slide the legs out long.
Allow your body to grow heavy,
even if you don't have time for a long Halasana.
Take a second here to let the body settle and rest.
To allow the nutrients of your practice to seep in,
to settle in.
Then notice how you feel.
Then slowly draw the palms together,
bring them to your third eye.
And we seal the deal by saying Namaste,
which is honoring the best and
most beautiful version of ourself.
Seeing that, honoring that in one's self.
And then also in others.
Take good care, my friends.
Choose the light.
Let it go.
(soothing music)



Yoga Tone – Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga Tone – Yoga For Weight Loss

Black & Decker 7.2V

– What's up guys and gals?
Today on the channel we have Yoga Tone.
It's like Reggaeton but Yoga Tone.
This is a practice that's swift.
This'll kick you in the pants a little bit,
but it's good to marry the breath with the action
and the action with the breath.
This is a great thing if you're wanting
to build tone in the muscle,
tone the body, trim the body,
but also build endurance.
Gain strength and also stability in the body.
We want both those two things together.
So hop into something comfy and let's get started.
(folksy guitar music)
Okay, let's begin standing at the top of the mat.
Take a look down at your feet when you arrive
and spread awareness throughout all four corners.
Feet hip width apart or flush together.
Yogi's choice.
Just nice, strong footing.
Tuck your chin into your chest.
Roll up through the spine.
Stand up nice and tall.
Inhale, reach the arms all the way up and overhead.
Draw the navel in and up.
Find that lift from the pelvic floor.
Careful not to clench in the shoulders here,
so create lots of space.
Maybe even consider holding a big beach ball over your head.
Inhale in.
Stand up a little taller.
Press into the feet.
Exhale bend the knees, bend the elbows,
and slowly take it down.
Focus on sensation here.
Bend the knees as generously as you need.
So by bending the knees we offer nice length,
stretch, love to the lower back body.
Let the weight of the head go,
the neck go.
And on your next breath in, inhale,
lift up to flat back position.
Palms on the floor, on the shins, or maybe even
palms all the way on the thighs
as you find length through the crown.
Spinal awareness is key here as we
build and tone muscle.
Create balance and stability
and endurance in the body.
So pay attention to this line from the crown to the tail.
Take one more deep breath in.
Move out of the way hood.
And then exhale, forward fold.
Inhale, press into the feet.
Spread the fingertips,
reach for the sky.
Full body stretch here.
And on an exhale back to mountain pose,
hands at the heart.
Good, big breath in.
Big breath out.
Big breath in to reach it up.
Inhale, reach for the sky.
Exhale, bend the knees, bend the elbows, forward fold.
Inhale, flat back position, your version.
Find that awareness in the spine, so key.
Then exhale to your forward fold.
Inhale, reach for the sky.
Spread the fingertips.
Maintain this connection with your feet,
this awareness through the soles.
Then exhale lengthen tailbone, hands to heart.
Just that little sequence,
I just bonked my nose,
one more time.
Here we go.
Moving with the breath, inhale.
Exhale to fold, bend.
Inhale to lift up halfway.
Exhale fold.
Inhale, reach for the sky.
Exhale, hands to heart.
Close your eyes here and observe the breath.
Try to deepen your breath here.
Draw your attention inward.
So we're gonna work swiftly today,
but I'd like for you to maintain this awareness,
this relationship with your breath
and also this relationship,
this awareness of how you feel in each moment,
the sensations of the body.
Working to stay present.
Moment to moment, right?
No yoga robots.
Okay, here we go.
Bat the eyelashes open.
Soft knees, inhale, reach for the sky.
Let's rock and roll.
Exhale, diving forward.
Inhale to halfway lift.
Exhale to fold.
This time bend the knees, plant the palms.
Step the right toes back followed by the left.
Nice strong plank here.
Bend the knees, press away from your yoga mat.
Strong body.
Strong breath.
Create one nice long line from the crown to the tail,
and then walk the toes together.
Zip up the legs.
So now we're one solid piece from the crown
all the way to the heels.
Inhale in, exhale downward dog.
Hips up high, heart back.
Stretching through the backs of the legs.
Tops of the shoulders rotate.
Outward, external rotation.
Inner thighs rotate inward.
You can turn the two big toes in to test that.
Melt your heart back.
Take one more breath in here.
Then exhale, find stillness.
(heavy breathing)
We'll step the right foot up behind the right hand.
Left foot behind the left hand.
Forward fold.
Inhale to halfway lift.
Exhale to fold.
Inhale to reach for the sky.
Press into your feet.
Exhale, hands to heart.
Inhale, reach it up.
Exhale, bend the knees, bend the elbows.
Take it down.
Inhale, halfway lift.
Find that wave in the spine.
Exhale back.
Bend the knees, plant the palms.
Step or this time hop it back to your plank.
Nice strong breath here, strong body.
Draw the navel up and in.
Hug the lower ribs in.
Then send your gaze forward.
Rock onto the toes, hug the elbows into the side body
and slowly lower down to your belly.
Inhale, cobra.
Exhale, downward dog.
Find your breath.
(heavy breathing)
Great, drop the left heel.
Inhale, lift the right leg up high.
Exhale, squeeze nose to knee.
Inhale, right leg up high.
Exhale, nose to knee.
Find your breath.
Inhale, three-legged dog.
Exhale, nose to knee.
This time step it up into your lunge.
Hug the inner thighs to the mid-line.
Feel free to lower the back knee here.
And when you're ready, power through that front leg.
Inhale, reach the arms all the way up high.
Gather your bearings here.
Squeeze into the mid-line.
So back knee can be lowered if you need.
Create space.
Bring the palms overhead,
so careful not to be pinching in the shoulders.
Pull the right hip crease back.
Hug the lower ribs in just a bit.
Engage your core.
Inhale in.
Next exhale, open out, Warrior II.
Draw the navel in and up.
Lifting up from the pelvic floor, Mula Bandha.
We connect through the center channel.
Then bend your front knee.
Press into the outer edge of your back foot.
Strong pose here.
Inhale in.
Exhale, straighten the front leg.
Inhale in, lift it up through the crown.
Exhale, send the hips back.
Reach the right fingertips forward.
Reach, reach, reach, reach.
And then eventually, nice and slow,
do not rush this, we're gonna tilt down.
We're trying to engage the abdominal wall here,
so careful not to collapse all your weight
of the bottom arm into your leg or into the floor or block.
Engage, right?
Navel draws in.
We open up through the chest.
Find length in the crown.
Again, see if you can challenge yourself
by connecting from this line in the spine
crown to tail and the abdominal wall,
by not collapsing your weight
of the bottom arm into something,
even if it's just for a moment or two to check.
Then we'll find your breath.
Then top arm comes down.
We frame the right foot with the fingertips.
We pivot on the back foot,
and we inhale, look forward.
Exhale, bow the head.
(heavy breathing)
Adjust your stance so that you can really anchor,
pull the right hip crease back,
and anchor through all four corners of the right foot.
One more breath here, you got it.
Then bend the front knee.
Come all the way back to that high lunge.
Awesome work.
Big breath in.
Big breath out.
Warrior II.
Great and we're gonna turn the right toes in,
left toes out and do the same thing on the other side.
Starting with that high lunge.
Lengthen the tailbone down.
Bend the front knee.
When you're ready, reach the arms up and overhead.
Stay present with the sensations.
Try to get out of your thinking mind.
Just stay present with the breath,
present with the sensations of the body.
Try to get front knee over front ankle.
Hug the inner thighs at the mid-line.
Lower ribs come in, nice and tall through the crown.
One more big breath here.
Then exhale, Warrior II.
Nice wide stance here.
Connect, meet your edge.
(heavy breathing)
So in time we're working to get this left
thigh perpendicular to the earth.
In time, right?
Big breath in.
Big breath out as you straighten the front leg.
Then send the hips back,
and nice and slow, we reach.
Hips back, we tilt.
Heart towards the front.
And then we find our Trikonasana on the other side.
Triangle pose, great for toning muscle,
creating balance and stability in the body.
You need to breathe here.
(heavy breathing)
Do the work.
Connect your core.
Careful not to collapse into your bottom hand.
This is hard work.
Way to stick with it.
Stay mindful.
One more breath, you got it.
Top arm comes down.
Fingertips to the mat, we frame the left foot.
Slowly pivot on the back foot.
Inhale, find extension.
Exhale, bow the head.
Adjust your stance if you need to
so that you can pull that left hip crease back.
(heavy breathing)
Then slowly bend through that front knee.
Charge the inner thighs, engage the inner thighs.
We come back to that high lunge.
Big breath in.
Full body experience.
Meet your full potential here, you got it.
On an exhale, Warrior II.
Nice work everyone.
Turn the left toes in,
right toes out.
We come back to our lunge.
Inhale, high lunge.
Facing the front of the mat again.
Exhale to release.
Great, step the right toes back.
Shift your gaze forward.
Slowly lower down belly to cobra
or Chaturanga to upward facing dog.
Nice and slow.
Then on an exhale, downward dog.
Drop the right heel.
Inhale, lift the left leg up high.
Nose to knee on the exhale, here we go.
Inhale, reach.
Exhale, draw the navel in.
Nose to knee.
Inhale, reach.
Last one.
Exhale, nose to knee.
Awesome, step your left foot up.
Inhale, low lunge.
Then nice and easy soften the back knee,
and step the back foot up to meet the front.
Feet come together here save for a
little space between the heels.
Inhale, halfway lift.
Long, beautiful neck.
Exhale, fold.
This time bend the knees generously,
belly comes to the tops of the thighs.
Get down nice and low.
Create a little heat.
Lift the toes, hug the inner thighs towards the mid-line.
Come into your power here.
Utkatasana, we reach the fingertips forward
as we send the hips back.
Just do your best.
Lengthen tailbone down, draw the navel in and up.
And then open the chest here, breathe deep.
Tuck the chin into the chest,
lengthen through the back of the neck.
You got this.
Inhale in.
Exhale, palms come together.
Think up and over as you twist to the left.
Take 'em to the left.
Find extension here, inhale.
Sink a little lower.
Slowly release.
Fingertips spread.
We open the chest, open the heart.
And then same thing to the other side.
Think up and over.
Find length, breathe.
Sink a little lower.
One more breath.
Then back to your chair pose.
Last breath, here you go, sink a little lower.
And then exhale, release, forward fold.
Big breath in, let it all go.
Big breath out.
Soften in the knees, spread the fingertips
and inhale, reach for the sky.
Big full body stretch here, maybe slight backbend.
And exhale, hands to heart.
Nice work.
Loop the shoulders, observe your breath.
Take a little sip of water here if you need.
Now we're gonna take it to the ground.
So soft knees, inhale, reach for the sky.
Exhale, forward fold.
Bend the knees, bend the elbows.
Stay connected to your core here.
Inhale, halfway lift.
Exhale, fold.
Bend the knees, plant the palms,
step or hop it back to plank.
Slowly lower down, belly to cobra
or Chaturanga to up dog.
As slow as you can go today guys.
Nice and slow.
(heavy breathing)
Back to your down dog.
Great work everyone.
Inhale in.
Exhale, melt your heart back.
(heavy breathing)
Take one last deep breath in.
Then nice and slow, lift the heels.
Come up onto the tippy toes.
Send the hips up high as you can go.
Then slowly, slow as you can go,
slowly lower the knees.
Keep your core, your center engaged.
As you slowly lower back to
tabletop position.
Actually, this is our first time in tabletop today,
so as you slowly lower to tabletop.
Find strength here.
Don't collapse.
Press away from your yoga mat.
Catch your breath.
Then press into the feet.
Press into all 10 knuckles.
Inhale in.
And on an exhale lift the knees, hovering table.
Draw the shoulders away from the ears.
Consider the crown of your head shooting
towards the front of the room here, of your room,
and your tail reaching back.
Big breaths here.
Welcome that fierce breath.
One more, inhale in.
And exhale release everything.
Send it back child's pose
Awesome work.
Take a rest.
(heavy breathing)
Then when you're ready, press into the palms.
Come back up to all fours.
Walk the knees to the center of your mat
and swing the legs to one side.
We're gonna come to seated here.
Extend the legs out long.
Sit up nice and tall.
Bring the fingertips or the palms
to your side here, just in line with the hip points.
We're gonna flex the feet super strong,
firm down through the tops of the thighs.
Lift up through the heart, Dandasana.
See if you can engage the belly here.
Draw the shoulder blades together.
Elbows are reaching back as if they
are trying to kiss each other.
Strong, active pose here.
You might even feel a little shake,
a little Prana moving throughout the body.
We're almost done; you guys are doing awesome.
Way to stick with it.
Inhale in.
Exhale, release.
We're gonna bend the knees here.
Bring the hands around to the backs of the thighs.
Loop the shoulders.
Find that same lift, that same activation
that you just had in staff pose in Dandasana.
Bring that to your boat variation.
Don't panic.
Here we go.
Inhale, loop the shoulders.
Find the activation.
Lengthen through the crown.
Open the chest, keep the chest open.
Shoulder blades drawing together.
Keep that action firm and strong
as you slowly lean back and lift the heels up.
Maybe stay here, holding on with the hands.
Working to build strength, nice and slow, consciously.
Send the fingertips out, open the palms.
Keep the chest open everyone.
Breathe deep.
Inhale in.
Exhale, straighten the right leg.
Take the palms together in Namaste over towards the left.
We also like to hold Simba over the cliff here.
Just keeps the imagery nice I think.
Inhale, bring Simba up through center
or Namaste palms up through center.
Regain your strength.
Inhale, lift your heart.
Exhale, twist to the right.
Extend the left leg.
Inhale to center, lift.
Exhale, twist.
Inhale, lift.
Exhale, twist.
Inhale, lift.
Exhale, twist.
Inhale, hands to heart.
Exhale, twist.
Inhale, Simba's up over the cliff.
Exhale, lay him down.
Inhale to center.
Exhale and down.
Let's do one more on each side.
You got this.
(heavy breathing)
Then inhale, reach everything out and up.
and then release.
Cross leg position, loop the shoulders.
Sit up nice and tall, meditation pose here.
Close your eyes.
And say to yourself the mantra,
I am strong.
(heavy breathing)
The mantra I am strong.
If that doesn't resonate, maybe pick another mantra.
Or maybe just consider that strong doesn't just mean
(air blast) muscles.
Maybe it means something else.
Strength somewhere else.
One more breath here.
And then re-release everything.
Come on to your back.
Great work.
Come to a place where you can relax here.
Arms at your side.
If you want to finish with a happy baby pose
or a reclined twist that might be nice
after today's practice.
Take a second to balance out the swiftness,
and the action, the activeness of today's practice
with a Shavasana.
We cool it down.
We bring peace of mind to the body.
Peace to the heart.
This is what peace of mind looks like to me.
Take a second to counterbalance the activity.
Don't skip on this.
Give yourself a couple breaths here.
Return to this practice if you're wanting to
develop muscle tone,
or come to it whenever you just need
a little pep in your step.
If you're still here listening, practicing,
I bow to you,
tip my hat to you.
Way to stick with it.
And thank you for sharing your time,
your energy with me.
(heavy breathing)
Go ahead and take the deepest breath
you've taken in all day.
And then on an exhale, relax the weight of the body.
Everything completely and fully
into your mat.
(folksy guitar music)
(folksy guitar music)


Movement Medicine – Calming Practice – Yoga With Adriene

Movement Medicine – Calming Practice – Yoga With Adriene

Black & Decker 7.2V

– What's up everyone, welcome to Yoga With Adriene.
I'm Adriene, and today on our Movement Is Medicine practice,
we have a calming balancing sequence for you.
So this is something you can repeat over and over again,
when you know you need to kind
of tend to the energetic body.
This will in turn give you the energy
that you need to be active and fulfill your life's destiny.
But today we're taking a calm
stretchy soothing pranayamic approach.
So hop into something extra comfy, and let's get started.
(upbeat music)
Alrighty my friends, let's begin on the ground,
seated, nice and low.
And we're gonna bring our hands behind us.
When you get there, move the feet out in front.
And if you're on a yoga mat today,
bring your feet as wide as the yoga mat.
And then, turn your fingertips in towards your body,
and then inhale, lift your chest,
and start to feel stretched through the front,
the shoulders, the armpit chest.
And if this is too much
you can turn the palms the other way.
So you can turn the fingertips back like this.
Otherwise we're turning them in towards our body.
Inhale in, lift your chin, lift your chest.
And then exhale out, claw into the fingertips
and see if you can lift your chest a little bit more.
So we're diving right in today.
Then exhale to release.
To release we'll bring the fingertips now to the center.
Feet stay on the ground.
Knees up towards the sky.
Reach the fingertips forward.
Inhale in.
Now we're stretching the back body.
And exhale, maybe your chin to chest.
Get some energy moving up and down the spine
by deepening the breath.
Today's practice is gonna calm or quell any anxiety.
Just chilling out a bit, right, we need that sometimes.
And we have to actively
counteract all the busy bustling energy,
the wicky whacky stuff.
Take a deep breath in.
Exhale, slide the fingertips to the tops of the feet.
Catch your ankles.
Little core activation.
Lift the feet up.
Bring the arches together.
Lift the chest, lift the chin.
So we're back to where we just started lifting the fronts
of the shoulders up towards the sky, lifting the heart.
Inhale in.
If you want to do something crazy
and stretch your legs, on the exhale you can.
Great, take one more breath, inhale.
Just activating this line that runs up
and down the spine here.
Beautiful, and then with control,
slowly bring the feet to the ground.
Not suped up, Baddha Konasana.
Just straight up Baddha Konasana.
Hold onto the ankles,
or interlace the fingertips around your toes.
And sit up nice and tall, take a big sweeping inhale in.
Imagine the breath traveling down to your belly
as you fill up with air.
Then exhale, tops of the thighs, ground down.
Beautiful inhale, and again lift your chest.
Find expansion, and then exhale.
We can track.
Take the thumbs to the arches of the feet.
Start to open the feet like a book.
And just make this little practice about self inquiry.
We don't need to boost the biceps of the booty here.
We're working on balancing it out
so we can have energy to do all the other stuff.
So balance it out today.
Give yourself a little massage on the arches of the feet.
We are gonna get some good little openings in the hips.
In the inner thighs.
And then again stimulating from the soles of the feet
to the crown of the head, so that we can
balance out the energy of the body and find our chill.
Alright, take one more inhale and exhale.
One more cycle of breath here wherever you are.
And then slowly roll up.
And we're just gonna take the right foot out,
and then actually hug the right heel in a little closer.
So create an L shape.
And sit up nice and tall.
Then take your right hand to the top
of your left hip crease, and just side body stretch
with the left fingertips over towards the right.
Inhale in.
Exhale all the way back up.
We'll switch.
Dig the left heel into your yoga mat.
Send it out long.
Hike the right heel in.
Left palm gently comes to the top of the right hip crease.
And side body stretches,
you sweep the right fingertips up and overhead.
Now breathe into the lower back.
So great for the internal organs, as you breathe deep,
as you bring these conscious breath, replenishing the organ,
the kidneys, the liver.
Alright, come back up.
Beautiful work, got a hair in my mouth.
Send both legs out long.
Inhale in deeply.
Hook the thumbs.
Wu-Tang Clan.
Exhale forward.
Fold, bend the knees generously.
Big breath in.
If you can bend the knees so much so that you
can bring the hands to the ankles or the feet, great.
If not, just allow the hands
to rest wherever they naturally fold.
Deep breath in.
Long breath out.
Great, slowly roll it up.
Lift the legs up, cross the ankles.
Come through to all fours.
Right away.
Wrists underneath the shoulders.
Knees directly underneath the hips.
Keep checking in.
Again, this practice is about self inquiry.
Balancing out the energy of the body, so you can feel good.
Drop the belly, inhale.
You gotta bring the breath.
And there's an artfulness to the way you breathe today.
Perhaps finding something new.
Exhale as you lift.
Up through the heart, navel to spine.
And exhale.
And exhale.
And then drop the elbows where the hands are.
Keep breathing.
And then keep the hands firmly planted
as you walk the knees back.
And you're gonna bring the knees wide.
Wide as your yoga mat.
And then you're gonna actually bring the elbows
a little bit wider on today's variation.
So, a little bit wide with the elbows,
a little bit wide with the knees.
And then, here we go.
Inhale in.
Melt it all down.
Chin comes to the yoga mat, gaze forward.
Tailbone up towards the sky.
Breathe deep.
You got this.
Claw into the fingertips.
Wonderful, then activate through the tops of the feet.
Par in line with the nose, come forward.
Walk the elbows back underneath the shoulders.
Hands come into alignment.
We'll curl the toes under.
Walk the knees in.
And here we come into a forearm plank.
Breathe deep.
Didn't expect that did you?
Fire up through the belly.
Get my ponytail out of the way.
Big breath in.
Gaze straight down.
Big breath out.
You got it. One more big breath in.
Feel that shake, that prana,
that's what we want, stirring the pot.
And then slowly lower the knees.
Bring them together, feet together.
And we roll up to a nice seat.
Head over heart, heart over pelvis.
Nice work.
Feel the blood flow, opposite direction.
Close your eyes so you can really feel
the sensation going on.
Excellent, then come forward on the fingertips.
Flip the toes.
Sink the hips back on the heels.
Little yoga for the feet.
Try to press into your pinky toe.
Lift up from the pelvic floor.
Listen to the sound of your breath.
Like waves of the ocean crashing.
So inhale.
And exhale.
Nice full deep breaths.
Wonderful, then walk the knees as wide
as the hips here, hip points.
So just a little bit wide.
And then lift your hips up.
Come onto the tops of the feet, should feel really good now.
Lengthen tailbone down.
Lift your heart.
Awesome, eagle arms.
Send the fingertips forward.
Right arm underneath the left here, wrap around.
Inhale, keep pressing firmly into the tops of the feet.
Lengthening tailbone down, creating spaciousness
through all four sides of the torso.
So really pay attention to this lift up
through all four sides of the torso.
And then from there inhale.
Lift your elbows up a little higher.
Navel to spine.
Inhale to expand.
Exhale. Navel to spine.
One more time.
Inhale in.
Exhale navel to spine.
Send the fingertips out in front.
Interlace steeple grip.
And I want you to slowly lower back.
Keep head, heart, and pelvis in a line here.
Hold onto that danda strengthening the quads.
Stretching through the fronts of the hips.
Front of the hips.
And baby pulses maybe here for five.
You're doing great.
Two. Press from the tops of the feet
to come up on the one.
Beautiful, release the arms.
This time left arm underneath the right.
Inhale, lift and lengthen.
Exhale. Navel to spine.
So find this play of expansion and contraction
in the belly with your breath.
And exhale.
Navel draws in.
Inhale, find expansion.
Press into your feet, exhale.
Beautiful, inhale, unravel.
Exhale, release the fingertips interlace behind the tail.
Knuckles draw down and away, inhale.
Open the chest.
Open your heart.
And then exhale.
Here we go.
Slowly drawing the nose towards the navel.
Head comes down towards the earth.
Crown of the head to a block, or the earth.
You can curl the toes under here if it feels more stable.
Breathe into the belly.
Knuckles reach towards the sky.
You're doing great.
Big breath in.
Not putting a bunch of pressure on the neck here.
Staying connected lifting up from the shoulders.
With the arms, reaching, reaching, reaching.
Then reach the heels back, and the hips back,
and tuck the chin to slowly roll it up.
Back to the foot stretch.
Release the arms.
Palms come to the tops of the thighs.
Big breath in.
Lion's breath, tongue out.
If this is your first lion's breath ever,
welcome to the club.
Let's do another one, inhale in.
Lion's breath, tongue out.
Rock and roll.
Okay, here we go.
Coming forward onto all fours.
We're gonna come onto the tops of the feet here.
Neutral spine.
When you're ready, inhale.
Send the right leg out long.
And then exhale.
Bring the right leg, right foot all the way up and in.
And the fingertips are gonna come together.
So we're not quite going as wide as lizards.
So go ahead and bring your right foot into the center line.
Right hand comes in line with the right arch.
If you want you can use a block, or a pillow,
or a folded up tile to bring the earth up to you here.
Then here you go.
Swing the left toes over towards the right side
of the yoga mat and inhale.
As you're ready open the left fingertips
all the way up towards the sky.
Send the fingertips up high.
If your left shoulder's really coming forward here,
it's a good idea to find that lift here,
so you can get your left shoulder back.
Feel that stretch in the left side body, and the belly.
Breathe into the lower back body.
Love for the liver and the kidneys today.
Inhale in.
As you start to open up through the right inner thigh.
Now, squeeze the right knee towards your right arm
and press your right arm towards the left,
uh sorry, towards your right knee.
So again, that's squeeze your right knee
towards your right arm.
Press your right arm towards your right knee.
So a little bit of balancing of the opposing forces here.
Just squeeze and lift.
Alright, inhale.
Awesome work, amazing job.
Come all the way back to frame your right foot.
And pull the right hip crease back half splits.
Awesome work.
Come forward, plant the palms back to Tabletop Position.
Neutral spine. Check in.
Fabulous, other side.
Inhale. Send the left leg out long.
Exhale, step it all the way out.
Left hand comes to join the right.
So we're not going as wide as lizards,
so keep that left foot in the center line.
Sorry, I have an itch on my nose.
Plant the left palm next to the arch of the left foot.
And as you're ready, nice and slow.
So move from your center.
Stay connected to your core.
Right toes towards the left side of the mat.
Think Gate Pose prep.
And then find a little resistance here
is what I was trying to say.
So squeeze the left leg in towards your left arm,
and then press left arm into your left leg.
As you inhale, reach to the right, fingertips up.
And if you feel like your right shoulder is forward
and you can't quite get back, maybe come up
onto the fingertips, or come up onto a block here.
And then the biggest most beautiful act of love you can do
for yourself here right now,
is not the pose, but the breath that embodies the pose.
So breathe.
Send awareness to the lower back.
Nourish your systems with this nice full conscious breath.
Lean back into it.
Squeeze the left knee towards the left arm.
Press left arm towards the left knee.
Feel that deep stretch in the left inner thigh.
The groin, you got it, one more breath.
And then exhale all the way back down.
Bring the right foot back.
Pull the left hip crease back.
Gentle half splits here, don't press, don't push.
Nice and softy and easy.
Yeah baby!
And then roll through.
Plant the palms.
Come back to Tabletop Position.
Great work.
Bump the hips to the left.
Turn to look past your right shoulder.
Beautiful, come to center.
Actively bump the hips to the right.
Turn to look past your left shoulder.
Great, cross the ankles.
Use your hands to guide your way all the way back
through to a nice comfortable seat.
Then a meditation pose.
This is where we'll end today, so, get comfortable.
Great, left hand comes to the heart center.
Excuse me, right hand comes to the lower belly.
Take a second to close your eyes, sit up nice and tall.
And just take a couple quiet moments more to yourself.
Just steady your breath.
And to just be present with what it is.
Whatever is going on today.
Just lean in.
Tap and do a little inner smile.
And hopefully you can feel a little bit of warmth here.
A little sensation from that practice.
From our practice.
Take whatever information you received from today's practice
with you off the mat
and into the rest of your day or your night.
Move with ease.
I hope you have great sleep tonight.
Continue to stay connected to your song, your breath.
Find what feels good, listen.
Try to move from a big place, an honest place.
Draw the hands together.
Anjuli Mudra, prayer position at the heart.
And exhale.
Bow your brain down to your heart.
Feel the stretch in the back of the neck.
Listen to the sound of your breath as you breathe in.
And out.
The chill in me bows to the chill in you.
Thanks everyone, namaste.
(upbeat music)


Yoga For Scoliosis | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Scoliosis | Yoga With Adriene

Black & Decker 7.2V

– Hello everyone and welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I'm Adriene and this is Benji and today we have
an awesome practice for the spine.
So Yoga for Scoliosis it's a big request
and it's a really good one.
It's a great thing to bring people to the mat
so they can start to tend to the spine
and then work out from there.
So hop into something comfy and let's get started.
(light music)
Alright everyone let's begin seated.
If you have a blanket or a towel
or a block you might use it here today.
Just to lift the hips up so you can find length in the spine
which is the focus of our practice today.
So just start in a nice comfy seat.
Just tune into your breath.
Tune into where your body's at today.
Try to blanket yourself in a little bit of love.
Love, love, love.
And sit up nice and tall
without forcing or kind of jerking yourself around.
So just try to find a natural lift,
that would be a nice way of thinking of it,
up through the base of the pelvis
all the way to the crown.
And we'll begin by just noticing the breath,
noticing where you're at today
and accepting exactly that, exactly what you're feeling.
Accepting the body
as it is, your body.
And whatever your energy level is
just accepting exactly that.
And then trust me, trust yourself.
Trust that this time is valuable.
And I tip my hat to you for taking this time for yourself.
Alright, let's find what feels good.
Let's explore with the breath, big inhale, open your eyes.
Exhale, you're gonna send the legs out long.
Again lift the hips up high if you need to, pause the video.
Lift the hips up if it helps.
You sit up with that lift.
So if you're here you might consider
lifting the hips up high.
Okay for many years I would never not sit
without a blanket folded up pretty high.
So now I've built strength around my trunk
to sit up tall with ease, effortless on my own.
But it took a lot of practice
so feel free to lift the hips.
And then you're just going to point and flex the feet
really fast here nice and easy,
just a little wake up
and then go ahead and bring that right heel all the way in.
Then we're gonna take the left hand
and nice and easy bring it to the outer edge
of the right knee or right thigh
and your right fingertips are gonna come behind.
You're not gonna push yourself into a twist here
but rather think of the lift and the lightness
up through the spine and then just play.
Maybe you turn to look past your right shoulder, maybe not.
But don't compress, think of lift, think of lightness
and we're wanting to work all the muscles
of the back body here today,
not just oh squeeze and twist, squeeze and twist.
So keep it effortless. (laughing)
Try to find the ease.
And then check it out.
Keep your torso, or your body where it is
but just slowly turn to look past now your left shoulder
or look towards the front of your yoga mat
and then we're gonna nod.
So drop the chin to the chest,
feel that awesome stretch in the upper back body
and then look up, oh yeah
and then drop the chin and close your eyes,
go inward, find that yummy sensation
that happens when you close your eyes
and quit absorbing all the things around us
and we just go inside.
Awesome, then release that, bring the head up,
chin parallel to the earth.
We'll bring the right knee in, send it out long.
Bend the knees, dig into the heels,
inhale, reach up, exhale,
modified paschimottanasana.
So the knees are bent here for everyone.
You're just gonna drape your front body over the lower body
and then drop the weight of your head down with control
and just feel this massive stretch in the back body.
Relax your shoulders down,
in fact actively pull them away from the ears.
And then smell your knees.
Stay present with your breath.
If any sounds come out, mm or ah, let them.
This is precious valuable time
that could make or break your day.
Send you into a whole new chapter.
A way, a different way of seeing things,
you just never know so stay open.
You're gonna rise up nice and slow.
Then we'll bring the left heel in.
Sit up nice and tall, try to find that lift again
from the base of the spine, the pelvis
and then right hand will come now
to the outer edge of your right knee, right thigh
and then again careful not to go,
okay I know this posture, (wooshes), okay.
So we're working nice and slow mindfully, keep the lift
and from the lift see if you can move it
to look past your left shoulder
and if not maybe keep it nice and even to the side.
And then keep playing here.
Maybe it slowly makes its way up to the mid back.
To the thoracic and then maybe you'll look past
the shoulder, cervical spine but maybe not.
Breathing deep, finding the lift still.
Both my legs are nice and heavy and engaged.
They're not lazy bones but they're nice and engaged.
And then keep this in the body
and just slowly turn your nose, your gaze now
to the front of your mat past your right shoulder perhaps
and then here we go.
Keep the lift up in the heart, drop the chin.
Oh yeah, should feel it.
Pause here, close your eyes and go inward.
Yes and then keep the eyes closed,
you know what to do here, lift the chin,
and then drop the chin
and see if you can do it really really slow.
And this is your massage therapy.
And to really find a yummy stretch see if you
can bring your left elbow in towards your back body.
Lift up through the armpit chest.
Now we're dropping chin to chest
and then lifting chin to the sky.
So awesome.
Alright bring it back to center.
Unravel, release.
Dig the heels into the earth.
Maybe this time the legs straighten a little more,
but maybe not, maybe keep it nice and bent.
I'll fix my pants here.
And then inhale the reach up, find that lift upward
current of energy through the front body.
Downward, current through the back
and then we slowly drape the belly
over the tops of the thighs.
Keep reaching forward this time,
reaching forward, reaching forward,
reaching forward, reaching forward.
Then stay here reaching forward breathing deep.
It's like a superhero pose,
in fact go ahead and put your palms down, just superhero,
like nothing's gonna mess with you, you got this.
Tug the shoulders away from the ears actively
and then drap everything down, awesome.
Close your eyes.
Feel your breath literally move you here.
Feel the skin of the back body stretch as you breathe in.
Feel the lungs, chest, ribs, back body expand.
And then everything softens and gets heavy on the exhale.
Great, then tuck the chin into the chest.
Slowly roll it up.
Nice and easy, again wiggle the toes,
rotate the ankles, maybe shake them a little side to side.
And then we're gonna cross the ankles,
bring them in, cross them.
We're gonna just bring the little blankie
or towel if you had it to the side
and we're gonna come all the way through to all fours.
Stack the shoulders over the wrists,
hips right over the knees.
Inhale the drop the belly, open the chest.
And exhale the round through.
Inhale the open the chest, cow.
And exhale, cat, round through.
Now close your eyes and to the sound of your breath
do a couple more.
And then on your next inhale
come back to that nice even neutral spine.
You're gonna plant the left palm nice and firm
and reach the right fingertips forward.
Then curl the left toes under, send it back.
And we're just doing a little spinal balance here.
You can stay here or you can lift that left leg up
but it's optional.
Breathe here, tug the right shoulder back,
try to create an evenness through both the right
and the left side of the body.
Inhale and exhale.
And one more time.
Inhale, this time look forward, find length
and exhale the release, everything down.
Left fingertips reach forward.
Really claw through the right fingertips
so no pressure in that wrist.
You claw through the fingers
to take that pressure up off the wrist.
In fact lift your wrist on the right
and then put it down from there, yes beautiful.
I'm sure you got that right.
You're like "no."
let's just keep going. Here we go,
left fingertips forward, curl the toes under,
right heel reaches back.
So there's a couple yoga for wrist videos
that you can check out for that little ditty.
Then stay here lifting front body
up to meet the back body.
Spinal balance or to lift the right heel,
engage the right glute.
Breathe deep.
Press into the top of that back foot.
Again claw through the right fingertips,
one more breath, inhale, look forward.
Find length and exhale, release everything.
Bring the knees together, really together,
arches of the feet together.
Then paint your yoga mat.
Look forward, inhale, find length.
So open through the chest
and then exhale, Balasana.
Child's pose.
Allow the weight of the shoulders
to really round over here.
And instead of just being a posture
where you just kind of hang out and wait and take a break
really see if you can embody this posture
as a healing one for the spine.
So tuck your chin.
Give a little weight in your hips, your bum.
Be articulate through the fingertips
and the way you handle the skin of the face, the jaw.
Then return to the breath.
Then slowly reach the fingertips all the way back up.
And we'll come all the way to all fours.
We'll curl the toes under
and when you're ready take a deep breath in,
smile a little bit, life is good
and then exhale, lift the hips up high
for our first Downward Dog together, pedal it out here.
Lot's of awareness in the hands, they're nice and wide.
Upper arm bones rotating out.
Elbow creases towards the front of your mat.
Bend the knees generously,
breathe differently here.
The head is below your heart space here,
absolutely that's gonna effect your breath
so find the nuance of that.
Maybe turn the two big toes in slightly.
And then inhale to look forward
and exhale, ragdoll, step to the top,
just one foot and then the other.
Feet are hip with the part at least.
Nice and wide, and then bend your knees.
Bring the belly to the tops of the thighs and hang loose.
Then bring your hands to the tops of the feet
on your next inhale, halfway lift.
Find length.
And then exhale, fold.
Tuck the chin into the chest
and slowly roll it all the way up to Mountain.
Pressing into the feet
and as you stack your head over your heart
and your heart over your pelvis
really engage from the lower body all the way up
so feel your feet really pressing into the ground,
creating a nice strong base for the spine as you rise up.
Bring the hands together at your heart.
Take a deep breath in.
And then exhale to relax the shoulders down.
Twice more like that, big inhale.
And exhale to release something,
anything that's been kinda weighing you down
and one more time, big inhale.
Awesome, inhale the reach for the sky.
Big flying V here, as we exhale bend the elbows back,
little back bend here,
you're gonna activate the upper back body,
engage the inner thighs and lift your chest up.
So not going crazy here but being really mindful.
Inhale, rise up, head over heart.
Exhale, big W with the elbows, lift your chest.
Great and then inhale, rise up.
And then one more time, big W, activate the upper back body,
squeeze it in, engage with the fingers, whoa.
And then inhale, reach up,
and then exhale to bring it all the way down.
Inhale the halfway then find that articulation
so don't rush, lengthen and then exhale, fold.
Plant the palms, step the right foot back.
Step the left foot back.
Little back strengthener. (laughing)
You can squeeze the right knee in towards the belly button.
Squeeze and lift and then bring it back out
and then bring the left knee into your navel
and squeeze and lift and then bring it back out.
And that's it, yay, lower the knees
and come all the way onto the belly.
Here we go, Cobra Pose.
Hands in line with the ribs.
Actively tug the hands back towards the heels,
squeeze the inner thighs,
sorry squeeze the elbows,
engage the thighs and then here we go,
rolling up, tucking the chin into the chest,
inhale, lift and exhale, lower.
Again inhale, lift.
When you rise up pull the hands back
so your heart draws forward
and then exhale the release and one more time find the ease.
And release, awesome.
Curl the toes under, lift up, come to all fours
and then all the way up to Downward Dog.
And exhale.
Great, inhale, lift the right leg up high.
Exhale, just nice and easy,
you're gonna step it all the way up.
We're gonna lower the back knee down
and inhale, open the chest forward.
Now you can stay nice and low here, nice and low.
Or we're gonna bring the palms together and rise up.
So if you're really new to the practice
just stay nice and low.
Otherwise we'll squeeze the inner thighs together,
bring the palms up.
And then if you're feeling good here
you can curl the back toes under,
keep them curled to get that extra arch stretch
or root down, I like to do this,
root down through the back foot
so I really that power lifting up.
Again that lift that we were playing with
in the beginning of this practice.
And once you feel like you have support
and you have the lift you're gonna inhale.
Reach the fingertips up high
and then exhale, big W here, lift your chest.
Inhale, reach up, strong legs.
Exhale, slowly bring the elbows in.
One more time, inhale, reach up.
And exhale, bring it in, beautiful.
Now inhale, reach up, palms come together
and we're gonna take it into a twist
so bring the left elbow all the way up and over.
Feel that big stretch through the left side body.
Then we'll come into a twist
and depending on your energy level you might stay here
or you might curl the toes under
and lift the back knee.
Now maintain that lift so we're not dumping our weight
into the body, into the foundation
but we're grounding, we're rooting up from that
which is touching the earth and really finding this lift
and it does require strength building
but that's why we're here.
Inhale, exhale, bring it all the way back.
Inhale the look forward, drive your heart center forward.
Exhale the plant the palms, step it back.
Inhale in, exhale, belly all the way down.
You can also do Chaturanga to Up Dog here,
but I'm practicing with Cobra today
so bring the hands firmly planted,
tug 'em back and inhale, rise up.
Exhale to release.
Curl the toes under.
Lift to all fours and then back up to your Downward Dog.
Inhale, lift the left leg up high nice and easy.
Press into both palms evenly.
Exhale, step it up.
Lower the back knee.
Now if you're, again if you're new to the practice
you can stay nice and low here going, "Oh my gosh,
"I'm so glad I made it this far through the video."
If you've been with me for a while,
with the community practicing
or you're feeling pretty good here
you'll just go to the next bus stop but they're all good.
So there's all different levels and they're all good.
Any time spent on your mat is so good.
♍ So good, so good, so good, so good
If you can name that song down below you're my hero.
I'll sing it again so you know
♍ So good, so good, so good, so good
Bring the palms together, lift the chest.
So find that root in the back foot if you haven't already
while I was singing.
Moving with your breath, so really be true to your breath,
inhale, reach up nice and slow
and then on your exhale squeeze everything in,
lift up from the pelvic floor a big W.
Inhale, reach for the sky.
Front knee over front ankle,
squeeze the left inner thigh in towards the mid line.
Inhale, reach up.
Exhale bring it in.
Let's just do one more, inhale and exhale, bring it in.
Activate the upper back body.
Sweet, inhale, reach for the sky, palms come together, Jai.
And then think up and over, so big stretch in the right
psoas, right hip, right side body should feel good
as you come into your twist.
So in time we'll want to work to get the sternum
and the thumbs kind of close to one another,
just a little goal post.
So that you're active in twist
and then again depending on your energy level
you might lift that back leg, inhale.
And exhale, and inhale.
And exhale to release, awesome work.
Come back to your nice little lunge.
Bring the right knee to the ground.
Inhale, open the chest
and then exhale, plant the palms.
And step it back.
So you can take an optional belly to Cobra here
or an optional Chaturanga to Up Dog.
We'll meet in Downward Dog.
You can just go straight there if you like.
Inhale in.
Then exhale release.
Then slow descend of the knees down.
Then you're gonna come all the way to the belly
and you're gonna walk your fingertips
all the way up in front.
And then really zip up the legs here,
so take your time to really feel the pubic bone
pressing into the earth, zip up the legs.
Inhaling and then exhale, lift everything,
bend the elbows, cactus arms.
Gaze straight down, squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift.
Breathing deep, lifting the elbows.
Then take one more breath here.
And then you're gonna slide your palms
as if they were sliding on a counter top,
like a marble counter top.
You're gonna slowly, really slow,
slide the hands all the way back into airplane arms.
And when you get there activate the upper back body
and slowly lift your heart a little more.
Drive it forward, heart forward, gaze a little bit forward
but nice and long in the back of the neck.
Toes and fingertips reaching back.
Crown reaching forward, we're here for one more breath.
Lift everything a little more.
And then release, come onto one ear
and just rock the hips a little side to side,
soften the glutes.
Take a deep breath in and then exhale,
turn onto the other ear starting to cool it off.
And then from here you're gonna lift the head,
the neck, the shoulders and you're just
gonna come to flip onto your back right here.
And when you come onto your back
pull the heels in,
knees up towards the sky and prep yourself for Bridge Pose.
Pressing into all four corners of the feet.
Begin to lift the hips up high nice and slow.
Walk the shoulder blades underneath your heart space,
squeezing your thighs together
and press the palms into the earth.
And lift the chest to the chin and the chin to the sky.
Send your shin bones forward and really hug the thighbones,
femur into socket here.
Deep breath in.
And long breath out to release.
Awesome work, hug both knees into the chest.
Rock gently side to side.
Then keep your right knee in, send your left leg out.
Inhale, exhale, Supine Twist.
Bend the right elbow, breath deep.
Try to keep your right shoulder on the earth.
Then bring it back to center
and take it on the other side.
Bring the left knee in, send the right leg out long.
Supine Twist.
Try to keep your left shoulder on the earth.
Then bring it back to center,
hug both knees into the chest, Happy Baby Pose.
So grab the outer edges of the feet
and then kick the feet into the hands
and pull the hands down gently
so shoulders really activates down.
Then lengthen your tailbone forward.
Ananda Balasana.
So blissful baby here.
So find movement that feels like that.
There's freedom within the form here.
You can give a little massage on the back body.
Balance out the left and the right side,
maybe extend the legs long.
Remember that it's all connected.
And for three more breath cycles,
find what feels good.
And then when you're ready
let everything spill out nice and long,
create a big X shape with your body.
So the arms can either go up and out
or gently at your sides.
But create a shape that feels relaxed
and a place where you can really surrender and be heavy.
This part is for the soul, the mind and the body.
Allowing the nutrients of your practice to really settle in.
Without you having to do anything.
Thank you so much for sharing your time
and your energy with me
and all the other beautiful people
practicing around the world.
It's an honor.
We'll bring the palms together,
bring them up to the third eye.
Take a big inhale.
And exhale to quietly whisper namaste.
(light music)


Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

Black & Decker 7.2V

Hey everyone, so today we're going to tackle another Yoga for Weight Loss video. Really,
this is just a practice that is intended to wake up, and strengthen, and perhaps tone
all the major muscle groups, or at least most of them. We're also playing with ease, and
also hopefully increasing flexibility in the body. Also going to tap into the breath and
find what feels good.
So to begin, today we're going to start flat on our backs. Go ahead and get comfortable
here. Oh, yeah. And I'm a little sore from my previous practice yesterday and the day
before, so we'll just see what happens.
And, you know, that's a good little lesson as we kind of step on the mat, and step into
the present moment, for a good little reminder to just open your mind up to new experience.
Forget what you previously know or have experienced on the mat. Maybe you've tried
a video before, and didn't get all the way through it, or didn't quite like it. It wasn't
your thing, or your body wasn't feeling up for it that day. So just kind of hit the refresh
button, and just open yourself up to seeing what happens.
I am happy to guide you through this video today. Let's begin with a nice, long, beautiful
neck here, tucking the chin to the chest. Closing the eyes. Letting the hands rest either
gently at your side or gently on the belly. Mine feel best here on the hip creases today,
for some reason. Again, just seeing what happens. Opening yourselves up to the present moment.
I breathe. Our awareness to the breath. Begin to deepen the breath here.Take a nice, full
belly breath in. The belly might rise as you inhale, and fall as you exhale.
Also, reach the fingertips up and overhead. Keep deepening the breath here. And throughout
the practice today, see if you can find nice, long, smooth deep breaths. I cannot say that
enough. To just keep bringing your awareness back to the breath.
Okay. Find a little organic movement here. Spread the fingertips. Spread the toes. You
might rotate the wrists. Rotate the ankles. And I'm going to walk my feet, my heels, over
towards the right bottom corner of my mat. So
I'm going to walk them on over.
I'm going to press into my head and shimmy my shoulders, head and shoulders, all the
way towards the right corner. So I'm kind of coming to the bottom right corner, top
right corner, and kind of coming into this crescent moon shape, more or less.
Now I'm going to take my right fingertips, wrap my left wrist, and just a
gentle pull here. Really mindful in the body. Kind of setting the tone for
our practice today. We're going to create some heat in the body, but we
always want to work from a place of softness and ease, of mindfulness.
Creating strength that way, rather than just kind of mindless, forceful
action. That's a no-brainer.
For the last few breaths here, I'm going to lift the left leg up, cross the
left ankle over the right, breathe deep into the left side body, relaxing
the shoulders on the exhale. And on your next inhale in, fill the lungs
with air. Expand. And on the exhale, soften and release everything. We're
going to walk it back through center and take it to the other side.
So walking your heels now towards the bottom left corner of the mat.
Reaching the arms up overhead, and then pressing into the back of the head
and shimmying the shoulders, now, over towards the left corner. Taking the
left fingertips to the right wrist. Reaching up and overhead. And same
thing on the other side, here, my friends. Breathing into the right side
body. On the exhale, relax your shoulders down. Keep the skin of the face
nice and soft.
Notice if you're clenching anywhere. See if you can begin to soften and
relax those tight places on the exhale.
Lift up the right leg. Cross the right ankle over the left. Have a little
crescent moon here. Breathing into the right side body. This feels super
great, super yummy, with the support of the earth.
Inhale. Fill the lungs with air. Expand. And on your exhale, release and
soften everything back to center. Walk your head, neck, shoulders, and
heels, legs, back to the center line.
Take a deep breath in. Fully body stretch. Point the toes. Flex the feet.
And then we're going to hug the knees into the chest, wrap the arms around
the shins, scoop the tailbone up, and your navel down towards the spine.
And a couple rocks here, back and forth. Sure feels nice. Then I'm going to
hug, squeeze the knees into the chest. Relax the shoulders down and away
from the ears.
Interlace the fingertips. Bring them up and overhead, and then slide them
underneath, behind the back of the head, the neck. You can keep the thumbs
extended here. Some of you might have done this with me before in another
video. Keep the thumbs extended here. You might even give yourself a little
massage. Sensual massage. Shut up Adrian.
And after you've done that, go ahead and find extension. Long, beautiful
neck. Elbows extending left to right. So they're going to want to come in
here. See if you can keep them nice and long. In fact, take a second here
to pin them to the earth. Find the length in the neck.
Then begin to flex your feet. Inhale and exhale. Lift your shins parallel
to the ceiling. Now, knees are just drawing slightly in front of the hip
points, so that my lower back can become flush with the mat. It kind of
kisses the mat there for support.
Right away, my abdominal wall becomes a little bit engaged as I scoop the
tailbone up, draw the navel down. I'm wiggling my toes, just kind of
rotating the ankles and the feet here. Inviting that self-expression into
the practice at any and all times.
So the more we can kind of integrate you into the practice, I feel like,
one, the better time you'll have, two, the more benefits you'll reap from
the yoga practice, and just the more likely you are to enjoy the workout or
the practice itself, which means you might return to it again. Enjoying the
journey is key. So finding self-expression whenever you can.
Take a deep breath in. On your exhale, lift the head, the neck, the
shoulders. Keep the elbows wide. Nice and long. Imagine a lot of space. A
big, juicy piece of fruit between the chin and the chest. And the lower
back's going to want to come up here, but I'm going to say no. And support
by lowering my navel down and lifting my tailbone up. So I'm kind of
tucking my pelvis in so that the lower back can become nice and long.
Great. Release the fingertips. Bring the palms together. Interlace the
fingertips here. Keep the index finger extended. I'm going to move my mic
here. Okay.
And then I'm going to straighten the right leg and draw a line with my
index finger over towards the bottom left corner of the mat. Now, so that I
don't have any pain or tension in the neck, I'm extending through the crown
of the head, and I'm keeping bright through the toes, and really reaching
towards the index fingers.
Inhale in, exhale, bend both knees, draw a rainbow up and overhead, and
take it towards the right side of the room, extending now through the left
leg. Inhale in, exhale. Back through center. And taking it over towards the
right. Extend through… excuse me, over towards the left. Extend through
the right leg. And that's a little yoga for the brain, too. Keep drawing
the navel down as we come back through center, and over towards the right,
extending through the left leg.
One more time on each side. We got this. Lifting up, lengthening through
the crown of the head, and coming over towards the left. Extending through
the right leg. And last time, through center, we go towards the right.
Take a deep breath in. On your exhale, bend both knees. Come back to
center. Bring the arms back behind the neck, cradle the neck here, and then
slowly we'll release everything down, bringing the soles of the feet
together, coming just supta baddha konasana with the arms and the legs kind
of nearing each other here. So soles of the feet come together. The hips
are super tight. You might draw your toes out toward the bottom edge of the
mat. Otherwise, hike those heels up towards your tail, and breathe deep
here. Close your eyes. Relaxing through the groin and the hips. Softening.
Then gently release your fingertips. Bring them to the outer edges of your
thighs. Closing the knees here, we wrap this part of our practice by
hugging the knees up towards the chest, crossing the right ankle over the
left, grabbing the outer edges of the feet, and then going for a little
rock. Front to back. This might seem a little silly to you. Do you do it at
least three times. Just give her a try. If it feels really good, do it five
times. If it feels awesome, rock and roll all day long. I don't care.
Okay, coming up to the nice cross-legged position. The point is, find what
feels good. And from here, we'll lift up through the sternum. Find a little
grounding opposition by tagging a little weight in the elbows. Take a deep
breath in. Then, on your exhale, bring your right palm to your left knee.
Swim the left fingertips behind. Inhale. Lift and lengthen as you exhale.
Journey into your twist.
Again, inhale, lengthening through the crown of the head. Exhale, moving
into the twist. Taking the navel, the belly, along for the ride. Breathe
deep into the lower belly. Then exhale, looking past the left shoulder. One
more deep breath in. And exhale gently, releasing back to center, and
taking it to the other side.
Left palm to right knee. Right fingertips swim behind. Think up through the
crown of the head. So I'm not leaning back into the lower back here. But
keeping the sitting bones grounded so I can lift up through that center
channel. What that might mean is you don't twist as far right away, but
that does mean that you're twisting from the right place. It's kind of
working with integrity, and working from the inside out.
Let's take two more breaths here. Lifting up on the inhale. Journeying into
the twist on the exhale. Take one more deep breath in. Lift your heart, and
then exhale. Bring it on back through to the center.
Take a couple seconds here to just move in a circle. Warming up the spine
here as we inhale. We come forward. Exhale, around and back. This is also
awesome for digestion. Which, if you're looking to lose weight, I highly
recommend you do take a second to mindfully analyze kind of your digestion.
Pay better attention to how your body reacts to the things you eat.
Go ahead and reverse your circle, inhaling as you come forward, exhaling as
you come around and back. You might begin to get the neck and shoulders
involved here. Warming up the spine. You also get a little booty massage
here. Always looking on the bright side.
And then coming back up to center. Great. Inhale. Reach the fingertips up
and overhead. Palms come together as we interlace. Inhale, reaching index
fingers forward, up and back. Take a deep breath in here. Smile. And then
exhale, releasing the fingertips, and diving forward to all fours.
Take a second here to come to tabletop position, wrists directly beneath
the shoulders. Press up and out of the palms. Press into the tops of the
feet. Make sure that you check in with the neck here. So remembering
always, the neck is a beautiful extension of the spine. So I'm not
crunching here, and I'm not letting it hang low. But go ahead and keep your
gaze straight down, and find the length of the back of the neck. Draw your
shoulders away from your ears. And then see if you can draw your navel up
towards your spine. So nice tabletop position here.
Take a deep breath in, and on your exhale, press into the tops of your
feet. Lift your knees. Let them hover. We hover in cat here, cat variation,
for three nice, long breaths. Hang with me. Full body experience. Shoulders
drawing away from the ears. Pressing into the pinky toes, even. Pressing up
and out of the palms. One more breath. And then exhale. We release. Nice
Bring the two big toes together. Widen the knees as wide as the mat, and
send it on back. Extended child's pose with active arms. So reach your
fingertips towards the front edge of your mat. As you release your heart,
and your forehead down. This might be a great place to connect with a
little of that self-expression I was talking about earlier. You might sway
a little side to side. Always finding ways to become more alive in the
body, to work out the kinks. Kind of honoring yourself in that way.
Understanding that every body is different and unique and beautiful. So our
yoga practice should reflect that.
Great. Draw your navel up. Come back to all fours. Walking the knees back
underneath the hip points. Wrists underneath the shoulders. Two out of
three. Our second hovering cat here. We inhale in, exhale, pressing up out
of the knees. Notice it's not a gigantoid lift here. Just a gentle lift.
Checking in with that line from the crown of the head to the tip of the
tailbone as I draw the shoulders back away from the ears. Press up and out
of my foundation. Grow up from the ground. One more breath here as I find
that upward current of energy. And then I gently release the knees back
This time, curl the feet under. Walk the palms forward. And from here, I
send my sitting bones up towards the sky. I really rock the pelvis, bring
the belly towards the tops of the thighs, and find heart to earth pose
here. Forehead and heart melting to the ground. Spread your palms.
[inaudible 15:28] heart to earth pose. So if your shoulders are super tight
here, you might not even bring the head all the way to the ground. You
might just let it hover here, working on this length in the lower back as
we tilt the pelvis, belly towards the tops of the thighs.
If you are able to release forehead to the earth, use your exhale to soften
the heart further down. And whatever variation you're in, find length in
the side body. Find integrity in the palms. And we're kind of in a puppy
posture here. Kind of a half-dog. So if you're ever tired, and you want to
substitute this for downward facing dog, I recommend you do so. Same
benefits. Just a little less heating, more cooling.
Great. Take a deep breath in. On your exhale, press in all ten
fingerprints. Lift your heart. Come back to all fours. Last hovering cat
here. Checking in with our core. Pressing up and out of the palms. Make
sure you have your alignment before you lift your knees. Inhale in. And on
an exhale, we gently let the knees hover. Find your action points, drawing
the shoulders away. Gaze straight down. Navel, lower belly drawing up
towards the spine. Softening that lower ribcage in. Two more breaths.
Might find a little bit of a heat here. A little bit of a shake. That's
good. That prana energy moving through the body, waking up those muscles.
And on an exhale, we release the knees down. Hallelujah, we made it.
Curl the toes under. This time, walking the palms forward to come up into
downward facing dog. Now, engage the belly here. Navel comes to the spine.
I lift the left knee, followed by the right. Find that tilt in the pelvis
here as I slowly, slowly rise up into our first downward dog. With a
practice together, peddling the feet, finding a little movement here. So
not even worrying about the asana shape, downward facing dog, for the first
few breaths here. Just kind of finding a little bit of movement.
Honoring, again, your body. Whatever you did earlier today or last night.
Maybe you have something in healing that you're tending to right now. As
you pedal the feet, press up and out of the palms.
Then walk your two big toes together. Turn them in just slightly. Imagine
the tops of the thighs spiraling in towards each other, and then out
towards the back of the mat. Then press up and out of your palms. Relax
your head over. Draw your shoulders out and away from the ears. Imagine
your two arm to chests — your armpits, basically — looking at each other
here. So there's lots of space between the ears and shoulders.
One more breath. Inhale. Got excited there. And then exhale. Bend the knees
generously. Belly to the tops of the thighs. Hang with me as we gently draw
a line with the nose and look forward. And you can either hop the feet up
towards the front edge of your mat, or go for a slow walk, all the way up
towards the front edge. We'll arrive here together, feet hip width apart.
And we let it all hang in the uttanasana.
Take two to three breaths here to find the movement in your body. Bend the
knees as generously as you need to. You might grab the elbows, rock a
little side to side. You might shake the head a little, yes or no. You
might pedal the feet. And we all will continue to deepen the breath.
Toes are pointing forward. I press in all four corners of the feet. Inhale.
Lift up to flat back position, sliding the palms all the way to the tops of
the thighs, and just first looping the shoulders. Finding that hovering cat
even here, maybe, as we draw the navel in. Maintain this length through the
sternum, through the crown of the head. And then draw the shoulder blades
in together, and down and away. So my elbows are pooling back.
One more breath here. And on an exhale, we soften and release everything
back down. We tuck the chin into the chest, press into our foundation, and
slowly begin to roll it up, curling the tailbone in, stacking the spine.
And slowly, we arrive in tadasana mountain pose.
Bring the palms together here at the heart. Take a deep breath in. Lift
your sternum to your thumbs. Then soften the knees here. Find a little
bounce. A little buoyancy. This is going to become super helpful for us in
our practice today.
Head over heart. Heart over pelvis. I inhale, spread the fingertips left to
right, and reach it all the way up. On the exhale, diving forward, soft
knees here, leading with your heart. Uttanasana, fully forward.
Now inhale. Slide the palms up to the shins. Lift to flat back position.
Long, beautiful neck. And exhale, soften and bow. Fingertips come to the
mat. We set the right foot back into our runner's lunge.
Inhale. Loop the shoulders. Look forward. Let your heart really open up
towards the front edge of the mat. Breathe. Lots of space between the ears
and shoulders here. Then make sure you're not on a tightrope, but on two
separate planes. Take your left thumb, peel your left hip crease back.
Level the hips here. Find integrity. Again, working from the ground up.
Inhale in. As you exhale, plant the palms. Step it back to plank. Zip the
legs together by bringing the two big toes to kiss. Spread the palms wide.
Send the sit bones down towards the heels energetically, and send the
shoulders away from the ears. Press up and out of the palms. Really spike
your heels towards the back of the mat. Deep breath in here as you press up
and out of the palms, almost hollowing through the upper back.
Then, on an exhale, slowly lower to the knees. Cross the ankles, and walk
the palms just a little forward. Coming into a half plank here. So tucking
the pelvis, making adjustments, finding that nice, long, beautiful line
from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone.
Great. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Inhale. Look forward just
slightly. Exhale. Slowly lower down, keeping the elbows hugging into the
side body as long as you can. Press in your knuckles. Slowly lower down,
and then release the feet and inhale. Loop the shoulders, lift your heart.
Cobra. Nice small cobra here to start. Exhale and release.
Curl the toes under. Press it all the way up to your plank position. Then
draw your navel up and back as we send it in to downward facing dog. Pedal
it out. Continue to breathe deep, my friends.
And then nice and easy, nothing fancy, step the right foot up into your
runner's lunge. Warming up the body here. Finding a little movement. We'll
take the right thumb now, maybe peel the right hip crease back. Find space.
Level the hips. You can always lower the back knee here, no problemo.
Then loop your shoulders. Come light on your fingertips. Let your heart
radiate forward. Strong legs. Deep breath in. On an exhale, rock that back
foot up to meet the front, feet hip width apart or flush together. Hang
over, full fold.
Now, deep breath in. Fingertips on the mat. Now we lift up to flat back
position. So now we have three variations of this flat back. We have
fingertips on the mat, palms on the shins, and palms on the thighs. I
encourage you to do what best suits you. You can also mix and match them.
Take a deep breath in, and on your exhale, soften everything and bow. Back
all the way up. We spiral the shoulders open, left to right. Spread your
fingertips. Take a deep breath in. Press into your feet. Reach it up.
Strong legs. And exhale. We come back to the heart. Lift your sternum to
your thumbs.
Find the soft knees again. Nice buoyancy here as we inhale. Reach it up
again. Exhale. Think up and over. Lots of space in the spine. Enjoy this
movement. Forward fold. Deep breath in as we inhale. Lift to flat back.
Exhale, soften and bow. Plant the palms. This time, step or hobble back to
Now, two big toes are together once again. We're sending the heels towards
the back of the mat. I'm pressing up and out of the palms. Really pressing
up and out. So not sinking into my bones here, but finding stability in the
shoulders by engaging my core, drawing the shoulders away from the ears.
Nice full body experience. Great. You can lower the knees here, or you can
stay in full plank for this as we hug the elbows into the side body.
Gently take our gaze forward, and slowly lower down. Nice and slow. See if
you can get a constant rate of speed here, and if you eventually fall, just
smile, enjoy. Inhale. Lift up. Cobra. Exhale. Soften and bwo.
Curl the toes under. Press up to plank. If that transition's a little too
intense for you at this moment, you can always transition by coming to all
fours first, and then sending it up to downward facing dog, which is where
we will all meet, pedaling the feet.
Great. Walk the two big toes together. Drop your left heel. Slide the right
leg all the way up. Now, take your right toes. Turn them toward the left
side of the mat to level your hips here. And then see if you can square off
the shoulders here as well. So it might mean that your leg doesn't go as
high, but at least we're in a nice juicy alignment, bones stacked right.
Deep breath in. Exhale. Draw a line with your right knee, all the way
towards the right side of your mat, up and over to kiss your right elbow.
Drop. Then inhale. Drop your left heel. Send the right leg back up. Deep
breath in. Exhale. Right knee crosses up and over to kiss the left elbow.
Looking forward. And exhale, back, all the way. Three-legged dog.
Now carry your line all the way through the center. Notice how I'm not just
going straight through, but I'm thinking up with my navel. Up and over,
hugging my knee up towards my chest, and then eventually stepping it all
the way over into my lunge.
Great. This time, I am going to plant… too much coffee. I'm like, huh.
That's right, yogis drink coffee, although I'm trying not to drink coffee.
Plant the back heel. Draw your hands to your hips. Inhale. Lead with your
heart, pressing your feet. Lift it up. Warrior one. Right toes pointing
forward, left toes pointing towards the front left corner of the room or
the mat.
Now, if you're a beginner, you might just be working on anchoring that back
leg. If you're experienced, really, let's see if we can get the bottom of
that right thigh parallel to the mat. And anywhere in between, of course,
my friends, is fine. Tuck your pelvis. Draw your navel in. Kind of knit the
lower ribcage together here. Find your integrity as you loop these
shoulders. And inhale. Reach the fingertips forward, up and back.
Pull the thumbs back here. Inhale in. Exhale. Open up to warrior two. Now,
you might widen your stance here. Bend a little deeper. Make sure you can
see your front right big toes. Excuse me. Pull the right foot… pull the
pinkies back. Lift your heart. Lengthen your tailbone down.
Deep breath in here, looking past the right fingertips. Then, on an exhale,
flip your palms, straighten your front leg, take your gaze to the left, and
draw your palms together. Deep breath in here. Exhale. Warrior two. Looking
past the right fingertips. Inhale. Open your palms. Reach it up. Straight
leg. Exhale. Warrior two.
Deep breath. Lots of space between the ears and shoulders here. Two more
times, just like this. Strong legs. That left inner thigh still is nice and
charged. And stacking head over heart, heart over pelvis, as I move through
my vinyasa. And then exhale back to warrior two. Beautiful.
Bring the right elbow to the top of the right thigh. Sink deep into that
right leg. Breathe into the outer edge of that right hip, and trace a line
with your left fingertips along the left side body, behind the left ear.
And then reach up and over towards the front of the mat or the room. So you
might be thinking that we're here, but we're actually going for the side
stretch here. Engaging the belly, drawing the navel back.
Heart is spiraling up towards the sky. In fact, you might cheat and take
your left palm and smear it across your ribcage to remind you to open up
here. Then return the fingertips to reach forward. Notice how I'm not
collapsing into the right shoulder here, but I'm keeping that integrity.
That space. I'm pressing into the outer edge of the back foot. If I want
to, I can release the right fingertips to the ground here and open up for
one breath.
Take a deep breath in here, and exhale. Send your gaze down. Release
everything as we pivot on the back leg. Plant the palms and step back to
plank or half plank. This time, choose your vinyasa. So you can be at half
plank or at the top of a pushup. Inhale in. Shift forward. Exhale.
Chaturanga practice. Hugging the elbows in. You might go all the way down
to cobra, or this time you might flip it to up dog, pressing up and out of
the palms, drawing the shoulder blades in and together. Lengthening through
the crown of the head. Inhale. As you exhale, draw your navel towards your
spine and send it on back. Downward facing dog.
Great. Bring the two big toes together. Slide the sole of the left leg up.
Keep pressing up and out of the palms here. Find that upward current of
energy in the arms so that we're not hurting the wrists. Now, turning the
left toes towards the right side of the mat, leveling the hips, squaring
the shoulders. Take a deep breath in as you drop through that right heel.
And then on an exhale, we bring the left knee towards the left elbow to
kiss. Looking forward. Press up and out of the palms. Deep breath in.
Exhale, send it back. Crossing it over. Left knee to right elbow. Deep
breath in. And exhale. Free like a dog.
Last time, carving a line through the center. Think up and over as you
squeeze, squeeze. Hug those left… excuse me, hug the left knee up towards
the heart. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Aha, and then we plant
it. Finding your runner's lunge here for one breath, and planting that back
foot now for warrior one on the other side.
Peeling the left hip crease back. Find my footing. Lift my heart. Then,
whenever you're ready, inhale in, lifting the fingertips forward, up, and
back. Pull the thumbs back as you lift your heart, tucking the pelvis,
lengthening the tailbone down. Hands can also stay on the waistline here,
no problem. Breathing deep.
Inhale in. On an exhale, open up into warrior two. Outer edge of that back
leg is nice and strong. Bending deep in that front leg. I pull my pinkies
back. And again, just make sure you can see your front big toe. Breathing
deep, shoulders away from the ear. Flip the palms. Inhale. Straighten the
legs. Palms come together. Deep breath in. Tuck your pelvis. Tailbone
lengthens down. On an exhale, send your focus past the left fingertips. A
deep bend, warrior two.
Inhale. Straighten that leg. Draw energy up through both arches of the
feet. And exhale. [inaudible 31:20] Inhale. And exhale. Navel draws in.
Inhale. Reach it up. Straight legs. Exhale. Full body experience. Strong
legs, softening that lower ribcage. Maybe bend a little deeper. Let's do
one more. Deep breath in, and exhale. Take up space. Warrior two.
Great. This time, bending the left elbow, bringing it to the top of the
left thigh. Tracing a line with the right fingertips. All the way up the
side body, behind the ear, and reaching up and overhead. You might take
that right palm and use it to maybe smear something. I was going to say,
like, honey or something. Across the ribcage, just spiral the heart up. And
then bring your fingertips back.
Then, not collapsing left ear to left shoulder, but finding that extension
through the crown. Strong legs. Engaged in the belly. Pull your right thumb
back. Lean back into the pose for one breath. Then you can stay here. To go
a step further, you might release your finger. Left fingertips down. Go a
little deeper, bending into that left hip. And then inhale. Open up through
the right wing.
Take one more breath here. Strong in the back leg. And then exhale. Send
your left… excuse me. Send your gaze down. Bring the fingertips back to
your mat. And we vinyasa. You can send it back, extended child's pose here,
right away, or vinyasa.
Stepping it back to plank or half plank, shifting your weight forward.
Hugging the elbows in, we either inhale, lift up to cobra or up dog, yogi's
choice. And if you're not familiar with what I'm talking about, check us
out in the Foundations of Yoga series, and we can just kind of break down
the poses one by one there. It's super helpful and yummy for even
experienced yogis to just kind of go back to basics. Back to that beginners
I'm here in downward facing dog. I'm pedaling it out. I'm going to slowly
walk my feet towards the center of my mat here, and then I'm going to heel-
toe, heel-toe the feet as wide as the mat. Toes turn out just slightly.
Heels are in. And then gently, I'm going to look forward, lengthen through
the crown of the head, then soften the knees as I slowly come into a deep
yogic squat. Strong legs here.
Palms come together at the heart if we can. If I'm feeling a little
unstable here, or perhaps my feet aren't able to come down, who cares? No
problem. Keep the heels whipped in. Keep the fingertips on the ground, and
breathe deep into these babies. Nice, long, beautiful neck here.
If you are able to come palms to the heart, then use the outer edges of
your arms to press into the inner legs. I'm going to turn this way so you
can see me a little better. And then find the resistance there, hugging the
knees back into the arms. So there's a little bit of resistance there, if
you're able to bring the palms here. Any variation is good. Checking in
with the hips. Breathing deep.
Great. Then no matter what variation you're at, heels lifted or down, bring
your left palm to the center line and inhale. Open up through your right
arm. Now, you might stop right here. That's about as far as it'll go. Maybe
you can go all the way up towards the sky. But anywhere in between is nice.
And also, to find a little movement is quite nice, as well.
Keep pressing into the outer edges of the feet. Slowly release it back
down. Right palm replaces the left, and we inhale. Open up through the left
wing. Oh, yeah. Breathe deep. Again, it might just come this far, and that
is A-okay. It might come a little bit. I find that when I give myself
permission to move and find what feels good, I often find space and length
that I didn't even know was there. So it might look a little silly. It
might even feel even sillier. But give yourself permission to move however
feels good. Pressing into the outer edges of the feet, I inhale one more
time and exhale. Come back to center.
Crow pose, or bakasana. Plant the palms. Gently come up onto your toes.
Walk the palms slightly forward. Inhale. Think up and over. I'm going to
gently walk my knees towards the armpit chest. Keep my gaze looking
forward. And I might just get this far, guys. Nice little balancing pose.
Prep here. We have a whole video just on this pose. Nice and long in the
neck. And I might just rock a little back and forth here. Full body
strength in here as I press up. Might lift up onto the toes. Lift up off
the toes for one second here. Again, gaze straight forward.
If I want to go into a bakasana, I might walk my knees all the way up. Find
that length as I lift one toe, then the other. Breathe deep here, pressing
up and out of the palms. Inner arches come together. I find length. Space
between the ears and the shoulders. And then I release back down.
Great. Slowly transitioning onto the sitting bones. I send my legs out in
front. Inhale, reaching all the way up, and shake out the legs. And exhale.
Forward fold. Now, the knees can bend as generously as you need to here.
Just finding a little length in the lower back. Relaxing the head over.
Then releasing. Rotate the wrist a couple times if you need to. And then
coming back onto the flat back. Yay.
Soles of the feet flat on the earth. Knees up to the sky. If you need to
take a second here to kind of just windshield wiper the legs, that always
feels good. Again, always think in those little grace notes. Those little
pieces of movement that make you feel good, and that are going to make you
stick with your practice. They're going to encourage you.
Great. Rest into the palms. Inhale. Lift the shins again, parallel to the
ceiling. Tuck your tailbone a little bit so that lower back can become
flush with the mat. Then once again, palms come together. We interlace,
keeping the index finger extended, just like we did at the beginning of our
class. Of our video.
Now, notice I'm not drawing my shoulders up towards the ears, but rather
finding that resistance. Drawing them down and away. I'm going to inhale.
Straighten the right leg, just as I did before. And exhale. Lift the head,
the neck, the shoulders, and draw that line once again, over towards the
left side of the mat. Deep breath in here. And exhale, switching through
center and taking it to the other side. Inhale. And exhale.
And really, rather than say inhale, exhale here, I'd rather you just
swallow your breath, moving from side to side. When your fingertips go to
the left, you extend through your right leg, and when your fingertips go to
the right, you extend through your left leg. How about that? Moving with
your breath. Keeping the navel actively drawing down. I keep hitting my mic
here. I apologize.
Now, to avoid any tension or tightness in the neck, keep lifting your chin,
and keep length through the crown of the head. Shoulders drawing away from
the ears. I'm working my lower abdomen here. Breathing deep. Keep it going.
And now I'm going to come back to center. Before I release my head down,
I'm going to bring my palms to the back of the head and bicycle. Right knee
to the left elbow, straighten the right leg. And then switch. And switch.
And switch. Two more on each side. Switch. And switch. Switch. That exhale
is necessary for me. And switch.
Okay, great. Come back to center. Release it down. And again, supta baddha
konasana. This time, bring your hands to your belly. Pet it out. Great.
Bring your left hand to your heart. Right hand stays on the belly. Elbows
are relaxing down at your sides. Close your eyes. Job well done. Take a
nice deep breath in, and exhale out. I might stay here for a couple
breaths. Might extend the legs out long, coming into more of a corpse pose,
or savasana. Arms at your side.
But whatever you do, just take at least a couple breaths, if not longer, to
reconnect back to the natural ebb and flow of your breath. To notice how
you feel in your body. And be at peace.


Yoga + Pranayama for the Spine – Yoga With Adriene

Yoga + Pranayama for the Spine – Yoga With Adriene

Black & Decker 7.2V

– Hey everyone, welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I'm Adriene, and this is Benji,
and today we have an awesome practice of yoga
and pranayama for the spine.
So this is a season where we're all trying to get fit
and ripped and blah, blah, blah,
and that's really great but today is just a wonderful,
beautiful, hopefully very kind reminder
to not put the cart before the horse,
to really focus on the inner ecosystem,
knowing that that will absolutely have an effect
on our beautiful outer ecosystem.
So hop into something comfy and get ready to breathe deep,
and let's get started.
(upbeat music)
All right my darling friends,
let's begin in a comfortable seat.
Cross your legs or your ankles, sit up nice and tall.
If you want to kick it old-school,
move the fleshy part of the buttocks aside,
so you can feel your
sits bones really rooting to the ground.
That's fabulous.
Just take a couple actions on your own
to get settled in so that you can eventually find
a little stillness.
So the invitation is there to really take what you need,
fix your hair, pull up your drawers, get situated.
And then as you're ready,
we'll begin to sit up a little taller,
and invite a deeper breath in.
And out.
And while we are trying to honor our time and
keep up with the pace of things,
this is your time to slow down.
So in particular, with the spring and summer seasons
in my culture, things start to amp up.
And while it's good to embrace the active energy,
the sunshine,
shed some weight,
be light,
it doesn't always mean harder, faster.
We want to make sure we're tending to
the inner ecosystem, the energetic body,
as well as the outer body.
So today's practice is a great full body practice,
but we're coming at it from the focus of the spine,
and the energy that runs up and down the center channel,
the sacred line of the spine.
Relax your shoulders and if you can, close your eyes here,
I'll guide you with my voice.
Again, just slowly arriving here in the present moment,
and there's an invitation to sit up a little taller,
and as you're ready,
breathe more fully, deeper breaths.
And then just see what's going on today, what's coming up?
What distractions are there,
either in the room with you, or inside?
And then notice the thoughts that are coming up,
and then acknowledge them.
And notice the sensations that are arising in the body
as you come into stillness and acknowledge them.
(birds chirping)
I can hear some little birds chirping outside my window.
Just notice any sounds,
just kind of take in the quality of the air.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
And now shift your attention
with purpose towards the sound of your breath,
so we start to focus now more on the sound of the breath.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
Notice if you want to fidget,
if you want to pause the video
or if you want to choose a new one,
see if you can kind of lean into this moment,
just accept where you are and be present.
We talk about it all the time in yoga, being present,
being in the now.
Today, allow each now to be another
step toward the next now,
a doorway to the next present moment.
So just keep going.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
So we're sitting up nice and tall,
we're listening to the sound of the breath,
we're coming into the role of the observer,
and then just very easy, we're gonna start to move the head
so you can go one ear over one shoulder,
or you can soften it and make it a little more fluid,
but just soft, gentle movements as you
tick tock the head a little, side to side,
and keep your eyes closed,
and start to lift up a little more
through the chest, the heart.
And as you tick tock the head back and forth
or maybe find a soft motion,
I always think of this as like my ode to Mr. Stevie Wonder.
As you start to move the head a little bit here,
sometimes it helps to keep the eyes closed,
see your spine for the crown to the tail,
so really want to integrate the neck today.
And then continue to breathe nice full breaths.
And then bring it back to center and open the eyes.
Here we go, spreading the fingertips,
squeeze the shoulders up to the ears,
spread your fingertips, and then exhale,
relax the shoulders down the back body,
hands come to the tops of the thighs.
Beautiful, inhale in through the nose.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, SH sound out through the mouth.
(exhaling deeply)
Two more times, see if you can make your exhale
longer than mine.
Big inhale, lift your heart, sit up nice and tall.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, navel draws in, SH sound.
(exhaling deeply)
Empty, empty, empty, so much so that your next inhale
is just naturally big and beautiful and buoyant.
(inhaling deeply)
And one more time.
(exhaling deeply)
Empty, empty, empty everything out.
And then inhale, big full breath.
Awesome work, we're gonna draw the left heel in,
right ankle to follow, and reach the arms all the way up
and overhead on a big inhale.
Here we go, spreading the fingertips, inhale.
Reach for the sky.
Sit up nice and tall.
As you inhale, send the breath down to your lower belly.
So fingertips are reaching up, breath is traveling down.
Imagine you're holding a big beach ball
up and overhead.
Thumbs back, pinkies forward.
Inhale, reach, stand up,
little bit taller through the spine.
And then exhale, ground down through the thighs.
(exhaling deeply)
Again, inhale, lift and lengthen up through the spine.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, ground down through the hips, the thighs, the feet.
Great, one more time, inhale.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, rain it down, take the hands forward.
(exhaling deeply)
And we start to open up through the right hip.
And then you can repeat the tick tock of the head here.
You can find a little sway,
or maybe you soften into some stillness
and allow the breath to move you,
relaxing then weight of the head over.
(exhaling deeply)
Continue to listen, listen to the sound of your breath,
listen to the sensations that are arriving today.
(inhales and exhaling deeply)
And then ground down through the sit bones,
tuck the chin and roll it up.
Allow your right heel to come in, left ankle to follow.
And again, we inhale, spread the fingertips nice and slow.
Stand up nice and tall through the spine
so all four sides of the torso are lengthening.
Really maximizes, stretch your lift and lengthen.
(inhaling deeply)
Then exhale, find places to ground,
take your big beach ball overhead,
lots of energy in the fingertips.
Tuck the chin just slightly, breathe in, inhale.
(inhaling deeply) And exhale.
(exhaling deeply)
Inhale, fill the lungs.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, ground down through the thighs.
(exhaling deeply)
One more breath, inhale, lift and lengthen.
(inhaling deeply)
And exhale, rain it down, take it forward,
start to open up through the left hip.
And find what feels good here,
continue to listen to the sound of your breath.
Pay attention.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
And ground down through the sit bones,
use your hands to press you all the way back up.
Hands come to the heart, Anjali Mudra, inhale,
lift the sternum to the thumbs.
Exhale, chin to chest, navel draws back, rounding through,
crown of the head towards the earth.
Inhale, lift and lengthen, lift the chin this time.
(inhaling deeply)
And exhale, chin to chest,
rounding through the shoulders, round forward.
And one more time, inhale, lift and lengthen.
(inhaling deeply)
And exhale.
See if you can really maximize the length of stretch
in the upper back body.
(exhaling deeply)
Beautiful, interlace the fingertips here,
press the palms forward up and back,
let this lift you up, pinkies reach all the way back.
Inhale in and exhale out through the mouth.
Cactus arms, bend the elbows, rain it down.
(exhaling deeply)
Alright, we're gonna come forward onto all fours,
take your time getting there.
When you arrive, find a nice, neutral spine.
And for today's Tabletop Position,
we're gonna curl the toes under first thing.
Spread the palms super wide.
As you're ready, take your gaze straight down,
creating one nice, long line from the crown to the tail.
So hug the upper body up to meet the back body here.
And with the toes curled under, we'll inhale in,
exhale, lift the knees.
Let them hover.
(inhaling deeply)
Create a little fire in the belly as you draw the navel up.
(exhaling deeply)
Lengthen through the back of the neck.
So the neck is a nice, long extension of the spine.
Then elbow creases, shine forward here,
soft bend in the elbows.
We're here for five,
two, and headed to Downward Facing Dog on the one,
straighten the legs, lift the hips up high.
Walk the palms out, nice, wide dog here to start,
and then start to bend the knees and pedal it out.
(exhaling deeply)
Find a nice, full deep breath here.
(inhaling deeply)
Sending breath to the lower belly,
as you stretch out the feet, stretch out the ankles.
Keep the elbow creases shining forward.
Upper arm bones rotating externally.
Right arm out to the right,
left arm out to the left,
lots of space between the ears and the shoulders.
Now bend your knees generously.
Everyone, belly comes towards the tops of the thighs.
And play with this connection of all fingertips
pressing into the earth,
so much so that you're taking all the pressure
out of your wrists here.
Beautiful, lift up a little higher through the hip creases,
you got this, then last but not least,
support your back body by hugging the lower ribs in.
So hug those lower ribs, engage the abdominals.
Beautiful, slowly lower the knees,
bring the big toes to touch,
knees as wide as your yoga mat.
Inhale, loop the shoulders,
pull them back away from the ears, look forward.
(inhaling deeply)
And exhale, send the hips, the buttocks, everything on back.
Extended Child's Pose.
Fingertips actively reach towards the front edge.
And then allow the heart to gently melt down,
forehead comes to the mat.
(inhaling deeply)
And we reconnect to the sound of the breath, your spirit.
Your soul.
(inhaling deeply)
Breathe into the upper back body.
(exhaling deeply)
Feel the breath as you breathe in.
Feel the upper back body rise as you breathe out,
feel the shoulder girdle, the heart melt down,
falling with the breath.
So couple moments here to play with that rise and fall.
Moving the energy that runs up and down the spine,
not with a ton of heavy-hitting awesomeness today
but with the power of the breath.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
Awesome. Pressing in the tops of the feet, and nice and slow,
come all way back up to Tabletop Position.
Once again, curl the toes under.
Press away from the yoga mat, so suck, peak front body
up to meet the back body.
So peek at me if you need to.
There's a tendency often to drop the small of the back here.
Natural curve, no big deal, very normal.
So draw the navel up and lengthen out through
the tail and the lower back.
And then same thing with the head.
Head may be dipping down here,
so send the crown towards the front.
Tug away with the shoulders to create a little more length,
and then as you're ready,
lift the kneecaps and let them hover.
(exhaling deeply)
Beautiful, press away from your yoga mat here,
so I'm not collapsing the shoulders,
but I'm creating stability in the shoulders,
I'm lifting my heart space up between my shoulder blades.
I'm here for five, four,
look forward maybe,
three, two,
Downward Dog on the one,
hips up high, walk it out.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
Awesome, anchor through the left heel, and inhale,
slide the right leg up high.
Just keep your right foot in line with your right hip,
so turn your right toes down.
Inhale, lift the right heel a little higher.
Then exhale, knee to nose,
rounding through, clawing through the fingertips,
knee to nose, knee to nose, squeeze and lift.
Beautiful, and then release.
Right heel down, inhale, lift the left leg up high.
(inhaling deeply)
Level it out, turn the left toes down.
Hug front body up to meet the back body.
Claw into the fingertips then inhale,
lift the left heel a little higher.
And then exhale, knee to nose.
Shift your body forward, shoulders over the wrists.
Squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift,
and then back to your Down Dog.
(exhaling deeply)
Right leg, inhale, lift it high.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, squeeze, knee to nose.
Think Cat Pose in the spine.
Squeeze and lift, press away from your yoga mat,
and then release it back, Down Dog.
Inhale, left leg high, last one.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, knee to nose, nice and slow, stick with it.
Lean in, see what's coming up, don't give up.
(exhaling deeply)
Beautiful, Downward Facing Dog,
we're coming off the arms here,
so here we go, we're gonna step the right leg
all the way forward, and then we're just gonna turn
the right toes in.
We're gonna shift to the side of our mat
so that both big toes are coming in,
we're coming in to a Wide-Legged Forward Fold.
So if you need to make some adjustments
to get there, please do.
And then legs are nice and wide, big toes turn in slightly,
and we really anchor through the outer edges of the feet.
And then start to draw some energy up through the arches
to engage the inner thighs.
So you're hugging muscle to bone here for support,
we're not just splaying out,
putting all this pressure on our joints.
We're really finding a lift from the ground up.
(exhaling deeply)
Great, then for many, you might need to stay on a block here
or even use a piece of furniture.
If your hands come to the ground, wonderful,
and if you can walk them back in line with the arches,
give it a go.
Soft micro-bend in the knees here.
Again, lots of connection to the earth.
Then big full breaths here.
If your hands are on props, stay where you are.
Otherwise, take the right hand to the top of the left shin,
and then the left hand to the top of the right shin.
Now, if you have to walk your feet a little bit closer,
you might give it a try.
If you don't make it, you might just grab your pants.
Or, keep the hands on the earth, criss-cross.
We're here for five breaths, check it out.
Shake the head loose, breathe into the upper back body,
stay nice and strong and powerful in the legs.
Lift up from the hip creases, breathing deep.
(exhaling deeply)
If you have the space and you've been practicing for a bit,
you might try taking your right elbow and bending it
and looking underneath your right upper chest,
creating more space, but don't push it,
just, just notice.
And then slowly release, fingertips come to the earth
and we inhale, halfway lift, find length.
(inhaling deeply)
And exhale, fold.
(exhaling deeply)
And this time, left arm on top, right arm underneath.
Same thing. And this side might be different,
so you might have to keep the hands on the earth
for this criss-cross.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
Send breath to the upper back body,
send breath to the lower back body.
Feel the breath rise and fall.
So good for all systems go.
Talk about spring cleaning, summer cleaning.
Breathe deep, feel your breath rise and fall.
Great for the nervous system, great for the kidneys.
If you want, next up here would be to bend that left elbow
and start to look, whoo, whoo.
Connect to your center and then look underneath.
(exhaling deeply)
So it's actually a good reminder to really stay connected
to your center from
(inhaling deeply)
moving from a place of connect.
Wherever you are, take one more breath,
and then exhale, release.
Inhale, halfway lift.
(inhaling deeply)
And exhale, fold.
(exhaling deeply)
From here, anchor to your core from your middle,
heel-toe, heel-toe, feet in all the way.
We're gonna bring it all the way in
to Uttanasana, Forward Fold.
(inhaling deeply)
And then we're just gonna do a gentle turn, bend the knees,
take your toes towards the front of your mat.
Great, now knees come together, feet come together,
arch to arch.
Use the fingertips on the earth,
bend the knees generously,
come into a little ball here so the heels are gonna reach up
stretching through the feet,
creating more flexibility in the feet, we need that.
Chin to chest, and we're gonna come
to a little balancing posture here,
you can keep your fingertips on the earth and stay here.
Or eventually, we're gonna scoot the tailbone under,
find that Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha,
so lift up from the pelvic floor,
hug in at the middle,
and then draw your hands to your heart.
Toe stand.
Can you believe it?
(exhaling deeply)
So stay dedicated to your breath.
Not just because that's what we do in yoga,
but because that is,
that's your bread and butter baby,
your breath, your life force.
I mean, your spirit.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
Got to find my Bandhas again.
Alright, one more breath here, you got it.
Then exhale, check it out,
hold onto your Drishti, your focus, out in front.
Open the knees.
Fingertips come to the ground.
Plant the palms.
Hug the knees up towards the armpit, chest.
Inhale, look forward, lift the hips.
You can just stay here, you might come on to the toes,
or maybe you lift up, Crow Pose.
Lifting up through the upper back body
as you have all practiced, sending breath and awareness
to the upper back body.
Squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift.
And then if you're lifted, come down.
We'll meet our homies all here,
with the toes on the ground,
and then a little core strength as you bring the knees in,
come on to the heels, send the fingertips forward,
and slowly come to a seat.
Boat Pose.
So if this is annoying, 'cause the belly's not coming
close to the thighs or you have big breasts or whatever,
just love your body and,
and know that the rest of us wish we were you.
Right? You always want what you can't have,
so be with your body, let's all practice accepting
exactly who we are as we come into Navasana, Boat Pose.
You can grab the wrists here, and lift up,
and it's a practice, loving yourself.
Alright, we're here for a couple more breaths.
See if you can lift up through the heart.
Wrap the shoulder blades around,
so we've been spreading the shoulder blades here,
now we're gonna wrap the shoulder blades around
one last time, maybe send the fingertips forward.
(exhaling deeply)
Inhale, in.
Exhale, low boat, nice and low.
Low, low, low.
And then inhale, lift up.
Two more.
Low boat, check it out.
(exhaling deeply)
Take your time, and then lift up.
And last one, here we go, ready?
And exhale, lower.
(exhaling deeply)
Beautiful, inhale the smile,
and exhale, let everything go.
Come to the ground, lie down,
snuggle your shoulder blades underneath your heart space.
(exhaling deeply)
Breathe in.
(inhaling deeply)
And breathe out.
(exhaling deeply)
Breathe in.
(inhaling deeply)
And breathe out.
Now keep it going and close your eyes
and just feel the rise and the fall of your breath
as you breathe in and out.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
Then walk the heels together, and in our next breath in,
lift the right knee up towards the chest.
Wrap your arms around the shin,
and then bring the right knee towards the right shoulder.
Rotate the right ankle one way and then the other.
Inhale, in.
Exhale, supine twist.
Turn to look towards your right hands,
feel the stretch in the outer hip, the spine.
Try to bring your right shoulder to the ground.
And feel the rise and the fall of your breath here.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
And then bring it back to center.
Knee to nose, or nose to knee.
(exhaling deeply)
Then release.
Left knee comes up, big breath in.
(inhaling deeply)
Exhale, squeeze the left knee to left shoulder.
(exhaling deeply)
Rotate the ankle.
Make sure you're not clenching in the jaw,
and just stay present.
Each present moment, a doorway to the next.
Just stick with it, we're almost done, you are doing great.
Inhale, in.
Exhale, supine twist.
Guide that knee over with mindfulness.
And open up to the left.
Try to bring your left shoulder down and breathe deep.
(inhaling and exhaling deeply)
Inhale, in.
As you exhale, bring it back to center.
Knee to nose.
Head to knee pose here, breathe in.
(inhaling deeply)
And release on the out.
Supta Baddha Konasana, bring the soles of the feet together,
open the knees wide.
Left hand comes to the heart,
right hand to the belly, then literally,
press into your head and lift your chest up.
And then create space between your lower back body
and the mat here, so a little back bend.
Inhale, find what feels good here.
Make any adjustments that you need.
And then come to a place where you can completely relax,
so you might walk the shoulders back up.
(inhaling deeply)
Soften through the toes.
Close your eyes.
And then see if you can
detect the wave of calm,
a blanket of love, just a stillness here
as you'd surrender to gravity as you open through the hips.
(inhaling deeply)
Continue to feel your breath, the rise and the fall.
So here's to feeling fresh.
Sometimes we get so focused on fit (chuckles)
that we end up with back pain and stress
and a depleted nervous system,
and we don't feel fresh,
we don't have the energy to actually do any of the things
that we set out to do, that we
feel is our destiny.
So thank you so much for being patient,
for being kind in your practice,
and for
committing to
focusing and refocusing on the power of the breath
and our yoga practice and in our fitness regimen.
Remembering to prioritize the inner body
over the outer body.
Not putting that cart before the horse.
Stay here as long as you like.
We'll bring the hands together overhead.
Thumbs come up to the third eye.
We'll take a deep breath in.
(inhaling deeply)
And just connecting to each other and the big picture.
(exhaling deeply)
By finishing our practice with a deep breath in.
(inhaling deeply)
And a quiet whisper.
(exhaling deeply)
(upbeat music)




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